The Doctors: Oxygen in a Can Review & What Causes Laryngitis


The Doctors: Oxygen Therapy & Laryngitis

From The X Factor to the Las Vegas stage, The Doctors kicked off a special celebrity edition of their show with a look at some trends making headlines. Simon Cowell is rumored to be an avid user of Oxygen in a Can, but does this treatment work? Plus, with Adele and Celine Dion experiencing vocal cord issues recently, The Doctors explained what causes laryngitis.

The Drs: Simon Cowell Oxygen Therapy

Would you take Simon Cowell’s health advice? Have you heard of Oxygen in a Can? It’s reported to give you a big boost, whether you’re exercising or working late. Some doctors say there’s no benefit to this, but others disagree. What did The Doctors team think?


The Drs & Celine Dion: What Causes Laryngitis?

Celine Dion had to cancel several Las Vegas shows this spring. The Doctors talked about what causes Laryngitis. (Featureflash /

The X Factor judge Simon Cowell is reportedly a celebrity user of Oxygen in a Can. The team sampled the Oxygen Therapy product, which is supposedly to relieve stress and improve memory. The Doctors looked back at a previous show where they reviewed Oxygen Bar treatment, which is supposedly not harmful.

The Doctors: Oxygen in a Can Review

Back on the subject of Oxygen in a Can, Dr Travis Stork explained why this might not work. Our bodies are programmed to inhale 21% Oxygen, which is what’s found in the air. But too much Oxygen creates an overabundance of free radicals, which can be harmful.


Dr Andrew Ordon pointed out that Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment can improve healing rates and can possibly reverse inflammation. Overall, it seemed like The Drs team was on board with Oxygen in a Can.

The Drs: Celine Dion Vocal Cords

Eight-time Grammy Award winner Adele was in the news in early 2012 when she canceled several shows due to unexpected vocal cord surgery. Now another singing star in in the news.

Celine Dion has canceled a number of Caesar’s Palace shows in Las Vegas, which built its Coliseum theater for Celine, including a special humidifer to keep her voice healthy. But The Drs said that Celine admitted she has lost her voice in the past, as mentioned in her documentary, Through The Eyes of the World.

The Doctors: What Is Laryngitis?

Dr Andrew Ordon said the voice is “truly a remarkable anatomic structure.” He used a model to explain how the vocal cords vibrate when we talk or sing. He pointed out the muscle and cartilage around this area, reporting that Celine Dion’s Laryngitis is simply an inflammation of the vocal cords.

Celine’s case is believed to have been caused by a virus. She would need to rest her voice to recover and get back to work. Alcohol is one item that can actually make Laryngitis worse. Dr Travis Stork asked how long someone might be on voice rest.

Dr Ordon said he’d expect the rest to last at least a week. Dr Jim Sears noted that whispering is harder on your vocal cords than talking normally.


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