The Doctors: Overcoming Domestic Abuse


The Doctors: Domestic Abuse

Dr. Travis Stork said beauty starts from the inside, and one woman has recently transformed her life from the inside out. Jillian Michaels said they were contacted by Safe Passages, a resource for women and children who are victims of domestic violence, which is how they met Maria.

The Doctors TV Show: Abuse

The Doctors: Overcoming Abuse

Maria has overcome domestic abuse in her life and now helps others cope.


Maria said she has been in and out of abusive relationships for most of her life. The first man she was with left a permanent dimple in her face when he hit her with the phone. He abused him in multiple other ways as well, and she eventually had him arrested.

But she said she woke up one day to find him standing over her, staring. She said it is hard to get out of an abusive situation. It can be hard to find self esteem and overcome your challenges.

Maria now takes her strength from helping to empower others through the Safe Passages organization. She said they help you find yourself.


The Doctors: Teeth Veneers

Maria would like to get her teeth fixed to erase the memories of her past abuse. She said she has healed on the inside and would like to see that reflected on the outside.

The Doctors sent her to cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman to help her improve her smile. She was missing two teeth, and his suggestion for her was dental implants and veneers. She said she was excited about getting a new smile.

The Doctors showed a graphic video of Maria’s tooth implant procedure, followed by the placement of her veneers. Then Maria was ready to see her stunning new smile. She was overjoyed and said, “I haven’t smiled like this in years.”

Dr. Bill Dorfman: Teeth Implants

Maria and Dr. Bill Dorfman joined The Doctors in the studio to show off her beautiful smile. She had tears of joy in her eyes. They showed a before and after picture of Maria’s smile. Dr. Bill Dorfman explained the process he went through to remake Maria’s smile, matching veneers to her new crown implants, leading to a stunning result. Maria said she is really thankful to her doctors for their amazing work.

Dr Andrew Ordon: Nose Reconstruction

Dr. Andrew Ordon said Maria wrote a letter to the show about her situation, and that’s how this process got started. But he said that she mentioned some of her other dreams in the letter.

Maria said she hates her nose, which was broken because of domestic violence. Dr. Andrew Ordon offered to reconstruct her nose and fix the scars on her face. She was very thankful for the offer.

The Drs: Domestic Violence

Dr. Travis Stork said you can get help if you are involved in domestic violence. There is a hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE, and additional resources can be found on the show’s website at


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