The Doctors: Oscar Pistorius Testosterone & Carnival Cruise Disaster


The Doctors: Friday News Feed

The Doctors: Oscar Pistorius Testosterone & Carnival Cruise Disaster

The Doctors discussed the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy and the Carnival Cruise disaster on Friday News Feed. (Jaguar PS /

Since it’s almost the weekend, The Doctors reviewed the week’s biggest news stories and headlines in their Friday News Feed. Join The Doctors for updates on the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy and more in health-related news.


The Drs: Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial

In the blink of an eye, South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius went from inspirational hero to rock-bottom zero. Now, the former pride of his nation is on trial for murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, and the entire world is shocked as each new development rolls in.

The latest news in the case is that Oscar Pistorius was potentially taking either testosterone or steroids. Syringes were found in his apartment and have raised many questions. While the doctors aren’t experts on this case, they did weigh in on how testosterone may affect behavior.

The Doctors: How Testosterone Affects Behavior

According to Dr. Andrew Ordon, some studies do show that high levels of testosterone cause changes in mood and behavior. Dr. Travis Stork explained that testosterone is a steroid that can increase muscle mass and energy levels. If you are planning on taking testosterone as a supplement, be sure to do so under the supervision of a doctor.


The Drs: Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Weight Gain

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her first child and, just like everything Kim does, her pregnancy has been making headlines worldwide. Lately, Kim has expressed concern over the amount of weight she’s gained.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said that pregnant women should gain a half pound to a pound per week. Overall, 25-35 pounds should be gained during your entire pregnancy. You shouldn’t gain a lot less than that or a lot more than that. Gaining a significant amount of weight could put you at risk for hypertension, preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

“If you watch your diet and exercise…you should be okay,” Dr. Lisa assured.

The Doctors: Carnival Cruise Disaster

Rotting food, backed up toilets and a “giant floating petri dish.” Does this sound like a dream vacation? Unfortunately, this experience was a reality for the passengers trapped on the stranded Carnival Cruise Ship. The Doctors shared their thoughts on this dangerous, unsanitary nightmare.

The Doctors correspondent Melanie Woodrow spoke with Dr. Darren Waters, who said that the cruise was “a setup for infectious disease.” Imagine no working bathrooms and human waste littering the halls, kitchens and rooms. When you add thousands of passengers into the equation, disease can spread quickly and dangerously.

“When you’re out at sea, anything can happen,” Dr. Travis said. If you’re planning for a cruise, Melanie suggests bringing hand sanitizer and medications as part of an emergency kit. Hear from one of the ship’s passengers, Kendall Jenkins, in the video below.


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