The Doctors: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis & Plank Exercise


Dr Travis Stork’s Abs: No Six Pack!

Audience member Barrett does hundreds of Sit Ups every day, but she’s not seeing the abdominal results she hopes for. She has a flat stomach, but not much muscle definition. Dr. Travis said it’s important to manage your expectations.

He also talked about Visceral Vs Subcutaneous Fat, explaining that the goal in building great abs is burning away belly fat. To demonstrate this, he used a blowtorch on a mannequin, prompting Barrett to ask, “Can you really do that?”


No, you can’t, according to the disclaimer, which says “For Demonstration Only. Do Not Try This At Home.” Just in case you’re tempted to cheat your way to six-pack abs by literally burning off your skin.

The Drs: Front Plank & Side Plank

The Front Plank & Side Plank exercises are a great way to strengthen your core & abs

Dr. Travis: How To Torch Belly Fat

Dr. Travis said the key to developing your abdominal muscles and core is intensity. He shared some exercises to get you started.


The Doctors: Front Plank Exercise

Plank position is the up part of a Push Up, with toes touching the floor. You can rest on your elbows and tighten your core, holding for 15 seconds.

Dr Travis Stork: Side Plank Exercise

Roll onto one side, putting your body weight on one arm and leg. Hold for 15 seconds, then alternate to the other side. This engages your front and back.

“People who do high intensity workouts for 30 minutes three times a week, on average lost 10% of their body fat,” Dr. Travis said. But he didn’t say how long they stuck with that routine to lose their weight.

Barrett even managed to coax Dr. Travis to show off his own abs, though he admitted he does not have a six-pack.

Burning Calories Without The Gym

Here are a few easy ways you can burn more calories and reap the benefits without even leaving the house.


You don’t have to hit the treadmill to take off the pounds. One study found that cleanliness at home correlated to high physical activity and slim waists. Doing household chores can help you burn calories.


Dr. Travis said listening to music makes you more likely to work out, especially when you can tap into the rhythm and tune out distractions.


Taking time to play with your children or pets can be a great way to get rid of 200 to 300 extra calories in one hour.

Dr Travis Stork: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

You don’t need a trainer or a gym membership to burn calories every day. There’s nothing wrong with the gym, but for those of us who hate going, Dr. Travis recommends Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. You burn calories by walking instead of standing.

You can sneak out for a 20-minute walk during lunch. Standing up for three 10-minute phone calls over the course of a day is 30 minutes of Non-Exercise Activity.

Dr. Travis: Stand On One Foot

Standing on one foot is a great way to work your core. Use your hands for balance, and you can burn over 100 calories an hour. Even if you only do it during commercials, you are still burning calories. Read more about Commercial Break Workouts.


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