The Doctors: Nicole’s Heroin Addiction, Rehab & Recovery


The Doctors: Heroin Addiction

There’s no denying that drugs are a huge force in America. But sometimes they affect our lives in ways we’d never imagine. “Every 19 minutes, someone dies of a drug overdose,” Dr Travis Stork said. “That means three people will die just in the time that it takes to watch this show.” But there are people who want to help those struggling with heroin addiction and other substance abuse problems, a topic The Doctors have covered in the past.

The Doctors: Heroin Addiction

The Doctors got an update on previous guest Nicole, who was struggling with her heroin addiction and received an intervention.


Debbie and Brandon Knauss from VIP Recovery want to make a difference in the lives of addicts and those who love them. They help families and friends stage interventions on teens and adults, who are often unwilling to participate in the process. Sometimes they are explosive and lash out at those who are trying to help.

The Drs: Intervention Experts

Debbie and Brandon have visited The Doctors before. In a previous episode, they met 21-year-old Nicole, who was struggling with her heroin addiction. Dr Travis looked back at her story, and a tearful Nicole talked about her physical addiction and the loss of her boyfriend to an overdose.

“When Josh died, it all slipped away,” she said. The couple has a two-year-old son, and Nicole was having trouble breaking the cycle of her drug abuse.


During the intervention, Nicole was resistant but eventually listened to what the interventionists had to say. In a follow up interview during her treatment, Nicole admitted that she was behaving selfishly. She wanted to be there for her young son and be a part of his life.

The Drs: Nicole’s Rehab & Recovery

Looking back at that case, Brandon said he knew that Nicole would face many struggles on her path to recovery. “It’s a lifelong fight, lifelong battle. It’s an everyday battle,” he said.

It’s been some time since Nicole’s dramatic intervention was featured on The Doctors. Though she seemed to be doing well when the team last saw her from rehab, Dr Travis had another sad update to share.

The Doctors: Nicole’s Relapse

Nicole’s stint in rehab was on track, but it wasn’t long before she was back home and one of her friends helped her score again. She admitted that she felt guilty after getting high again for the first time.

Her mother was scared and upset to find out about Nicole’s relapse. Nicole said she uses one to two grams per day. She was also concerned for her grandson Mason, who has abandonment issues due to his mother’s erratic behavior.

Nicole said she wants to be sober and be present in her son’s life. “When I’m sick, I can’t get out of bed. It’s not fair to him,” she said.


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