The Doctors: New GST Workout & Weight Training Safety Tips


The Doctors: Grace Somatomorphic Technique

For July, The Doctors suggest keeping you motivated by trying a new workout. Anna Rahe is the creator of the Grace Somatomorphic Technique, which changes your body by manipulating your existing facia, or connective tissue.

The GST workout program features stretches, bends, and ropes. There are programs for physical therapy, athletic performance, and general fitness. Anna Rahe said this is a different way of activating your body, which creates muscle confusion and boosts your fitness.


The Drs: GST

The Doctors: New GST Workout & Weight Training Safety Tips

The Doctors shared benefits of weight training and safety tips.

GST classes are available in Los Angeles, but you can do the workouts anywhere using the GST DVDs, which everyone in the studio audience received. More information is available at

The Doctors: Weight Training

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that muscle mass diminishes with age. If you aren’t using their muscles, they can turn into fat. He added that it’s not just about looking good; there are health benefits too.


Dr. Lisa Masterson said this is especially true for women. It can help build strong bones to prevent osteoporosis. It also metabolizes glucose, which reduces the risk of diabetes.

Dr. Travis Stork: Strength Training Mistakes

Forgetting To Warm Up

Dr. Travis Stork said you should warm up and stretch for at least 10 minutes before you start lifting weights. He suggested dynamic stretches to warm up your muscles and prevent injury.


If you don’t spend enough time weight training, you won’t see results. But if you overdo it, you can hurt yourself. Dr. Stork suggested 20-30 minutes of strength training, three to five times a week. He said taking your time can help you ensure proper form and good results.

No Pain, No Gain

Taking this axiom too seriously can be dangerous. Know the difference between a healthy burn and a sharp, intense pain. If it hurts, you need to stop what you’re doing to avoid hurting yourself.

The Doctors: Spanx Audience Giveaway

Audience members received a motivational gift from Spanx to encourage them in their workouts. You can purchase the Spanx Power Knee Pant by clicking here. To buy your own Spanx Top Notch Cami, click here.


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