The Doctors: Neurostim Migraine Surgery & Chronic Migraines


What Causes A Migraine Headache?

Rachel has suffered from Chronic Migraines for the past two years, and she hasn’t been able to find relief. Dr. Travis Stork said millions of Migraine sufferers feel like these headaches are smashing their skulls.

There are many theories about what causes Migraines. Triggers include lights, smells, foods, and even the weather. Nerves release chemicals that cause blood vessels in your brain to dilate, causing Migraine symptoms.


The Doctors: Migraine Surgery Relief

The Doctors Chronic Migraine Surgery

If conventional treatments aren't helping your Migraines, Neurostim Surgery may be the answer.

Now Dr. Kenneth Reed is helping Rachel with an innovative surgery to implant an electrical pulse device in her head. This unit will stimulate the nerves that cause Rachel’s Migraines, telling them to stop releasing those chemicals that lead to Migraine symptoms.

The device leads are anchored to deep tissue so the device doesn’t migrate inside the patient’s body. The surgeons made a circuit throughout Rachel’s body, and connected the device to a battery implanted under Rachel’s skin.


The Drs: Neurostim Review

Rachel’s surgery took place only a few days before the show, and she joined The Doctors via satellite from her home in Oklahoma to give an update on her progress. She said that after just a few days, she is still sore from the procedure, but her “headache is basically gone. It’s amazing.”

Dr. Kenneth Reed pioneered this Neorostim Migraine Procedure, and he said it’s not for everybody. It’s best for Chronic Migraine sufferers who aren’t responding to less aggressive treatments. Doctors will take other, more conservative treatment approaches before resorting to this type of procedure.

Dr. Travis Stork said he sees patients in the ER with severe Migraine symptoms including blindness and extreme, debilitating pain. Dr. Kenneth Reed said it’s gratifying to see results in patients like Rachel, who can get their lives back after this groundbreaking surgery.



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