The Doctors: Neti Pot Stuffy Nose Treatment & Tap Water Warning


The Drs TV: Neti Pot

The Neti Pot is a popular nasal remedy that The Doctors have recommended over the years. They showed a variety of clips from past shows in which they demonstrated how it works.

The Doctors: Neti Pot

A Neti Pot is a safe and effective way to clear your stuffy nose, but there's an important warning that you need to know before using one.


Neti Pot Tap Water Warning

But there is an important warning that Neti Pot users need to know. Don’t use tap water in your Neti Pot. Use warm, purified water in your Neti Pot.

I recently read a news story that found at least two deaths caused by amoebas in tap water that entered people’s brains through Neti Pot usage. Make sure you’re not shooting untreated tap water up your nose.

Dr. Jim Sears: Immunity Boosters

Dr. Jim Sears shared some foods and tips that can help you fuel your immune system.



Mushrooms have a mineral called Selenium, which prevents illness. I love mushrooms and you can use them in many different meals.


Watermelon contains the antioxidant Glutathione. Dr. Jim said you don’t want chunks. Instead, eat watermelon slices, because most of the antioxidants are found near the rind.

Polar Bear Club

Take a normal hot shower. When you’re done washing off, slowly turn the water temperature down to cold. This helps your body increase circulation and boost the infection-fighting white blood cells.

Vitamin D

Watermelon isn’t always in season. Milk contains Vitamin D, which can help make any flu symptoms less severe. You can also get Vitamin D from natural sunlight. Read more about Benefits And Sources Of Vitamin D.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Sushi & Sinuses

The Wasabi you eat with your Sushi can actually help you clear out your sinuses. It can open your sinuses and shrink your mucus membranes. Just eat it, though. Don’t try putting it in your nose.

The Doctors: Catnip Tea

In addition to being a pet favorite, Catnip is a plant, and you can find it in tea at health food stores.

Vitamin C: Cold & Flu

Dr. Andrew Ordon said he likes Vitamin C, but there’s no science that proves it’s effective. He said maybe it’s the placebo effect that makes Vitamin C so popular and trusted.



  1. Carol says

    I can’t believe that a MD would state that there “is no science that proves it is effective! Just ast your computer any question ;ie, Vit C’s positive effect on stress or inflammation or upper respiratory infection or pain or etc, etc…many reserach studies will show up. These numerous studies are usually not readily available because Vit C heals. Collogen is Vit C and collogen is our intercelluar glue. It is very underrated. Please, look into this if nothing else but for yourself because it is used to treat cancer…with incredible results!!!

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