The Doctors: Nerve Pain Injections & Breast Hair Removal


The Doctors: Knee Pain Injections

Katie has always been active and athletic. Now she’s running marathons, but something is slowing her down and causing her to have unexplained knee pain. MRIs and medical evaluations have not uncovered the source.

She has tried physical therapy, but the pain continued to progress. Katie was referred to Dr. Steve Sampson, and she told him the pain had gotten to the point where even walking could be uncomfortable.


The Doctors: Nerve Pain Injections

A new sugar water injection may actually reduce pain and heal root causes of nerve problems.

The Drs TV: Sugar Water Nerve Pain Treatment

Katie pointed to one day on her normal running route where she first felt a sharp knee pain. Dr. Sampson recommended an ultrasound, and explained he was looking for tendon damage. Since that turned up nothing, he next tried skin injections.

Since having the injections two days ago, Katie said she is running again without pain. Dr. Sampson said that Katie had a mild tendon tear, so he used an injection of Dextrose and Water, which sounds like it’s sugar water.


Nerve Injection Results

Dr. Sampson explained that the immediate effect is pain relief. But the long term effect is deep healing of the root cause. He said this therapy helps prevent the nerves from swelling and leaking the chemicals that were causing Katie’s pain.

Though the mixture is not yet FDA approved, Dr. Sampson explained it’s similar to the fluids used to hydrate people in ER visits. He said that using a small needle to target the nerves can shut down pain instantly.

Pain Therapy Innovations

Dr. Travis Stork said doctors are still uncovering the secrets of pain therapy. This certainly sounds promising, and it would be interesting to follow this course of treatment over time.

“For anyone out there dealing with a musculo-skeletal injury…[do] the conservative therapy first,” Dr. Travis said. That could include rest, ice, and elevation. But if those approaches don’t work, you may want to look into unconventional therapies, like Katie did.

Left Vs Right Nostril

“I only have snot in my left nostril,” a young girl said. “Does that mean I’m only sick on one side of my nose?” That’s actually an interesting, low priority question within the purview of a daytime talk show, not like Oozing Belly Button Mysteries.

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that the nose is a complex organ that helps regulate the air we breathe. “85% of people are breathing through one side of their nose at a time,” he explained, because the nose goes through what’s called a Nasal Cycle.

How Nasal Cycles Work

“One side is more congested than the other side at a give time,” Dr. Andrew said. The complex cause can be affected by your anatomy, such as in the case of a Deviated Septum. This may create more likelihood of Boogers, or their fancy medical name, Mucus Plugs, on a particular side of your nose.

Dr. Andrew said you can manage your nasal problems with tissues, but if symptoms progress or worsen over time, you would want to investigate other issues such as allergies.

The Doctors: Breast Hair Removal

Is it safe to pluck your breast hairs? Janine from Las Vegas wants to know what to do.

“A lot of women are really worried about this hair on their breast,” Dr. Lisa Masterson said. She said sometimes it can be related to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

But getting rid of it can be challenging. Plucking or waxing can be painful and leave behind cysts or scars. Sugaring, using a thread, may be better for the skin.

Medications can decrease hair growth, but depilatories may cause skin irritation. Laser removal and Electrolysis can also cause pigment changes, so it really depends on your skin.

Dr. Lisa said taking care is the best thing you can do, since everyone’s skin is different.

White Spots On Lips and Gums

Have you ever noticed white spots on your lips and gums? Dr. Jim Sears said this is a normal condition called Fordice Spots. They are also related to oil caused by hair growth near the mouth.

Fordyce Spots Treatment

Since this is a normal reaction, you don’t have to do anything about them. But there are options like Liquid Nitrogren and other approaches, if they are bothering you.

However, cancerous spots can look similar, so if you’re not sure, you can get a doctor’s input.

Read more about Liquid Nitrogen Treatments.


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