The Doctors: Napping vs. Resting & Benefits of Vacation


The Doctors: Help with Constipation

The Doctors covered the benefits of naps, rest, and vacation. But first, a viewer wanted to know how to best treat constipation. Should he use medication or an enema, or just wait for the body to do its own thing?

The Doctors: Napping Vs Resting

Is resting as good as napping? The Doctors weighed in.


For the answer, the Doctors turned to Gastroenterologist Dr Jorge Rodriguez. Dr Rodriguez does not suggest medication or an enema, because your body will learn to become dependent on them. Instead, use water, exercise, and fiber, to let constipation go away naturally. Plus, he revealed that while most people assume constipation means not going every day, that is not the case; going even three times every three days is considered normal.

The Doctors: Napping vs. Resting

Everyone loves a nice nap, but sometimes, a quick rest on the couch is all we can get. But, are they the same thing? Dr Stork said that a nap of less than thirty minutes will improve your heart rate and make you feel good. However, a rest is just as good, as long as it’s not in front of the TV; meditation or simply quiet time is much better.

The Doctors: Benefits of Vacation Time

Americans are workaholics, and while that may make us successful, it is not so good for our health. Almost half of American employees don’t use all of their vacation days, but according to the Doctors, they definitely should be. On The Doctors, we met a busy, career-oriented couple who hadn’t taken a vacation in three years.


Dr Ordon emphasized that a restful vacation is great for your health, plus, it gives couples or families quality time together. When taking a vacation, make sure you leave the laptops at home and focus on truly spending time on each other. It doesn’t have to be a long vacation; just a restful one.

Luckily, the couple were given a vacation to Mexico in order to work on their quality time!


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