The Doctors: Nail File Fungus Dangers & PMS Acetaminophen Warning


The Doctors: Hidden Purse Dangers

How many purses do you have in your closet? The average woman has six, but I’d bet there are plenty of ladies out there who have a whole lot more. It’s convenient to have a handbag to carry around your daily necessities, but did you know there could be some surprising dangers hiding among your beauty and personal care products?

The Drs: What's In Your Purse

Could the contents of your purse be hazardous to your health? Find out from The Doctors.


The Drs TV: What’s In Your Purse

A woman in the audience named Jamie agreed to let The Doctors go through her purse to find out what’s hiding inside. She let Dr. Travis Stork dump out the contents of her purse to reveal what’s inside.

The Doctors had a list of five purse dangers, and Jamie was surprised to hear that her purse contained three of them. How many are hiding in your handbag?

The Doctors: Nail File Fungus Dangers

You’re going to want to throw out your nail file after hearing what The Doctors have to say. “This can be a germ hotel,” according to Dr. List Masterson. That’s because it traps fungus on its surface, and each time you use it, it’s touching exposed as well as fresh parts of your nail.


The good news is it’s easy to avoid these purse problems by throwing out your disposable nail file after a single use, or switching to a metal file that you can wash with soap and hot water. Doing this can help you avoid fungus in your purse and eliminate one of the hidden dangers in your handbag.

The Doctors: PMS Meds & Acetaminophen

Are you poisoning your liver without even knowing it? If you have PMS medicine in your purse, the answer could be yes. Pain medications, including those targeted for PMS symptoms, contain Acetaminophen, which breaks down in the liver.

But taking it in high doses, or unknowingly getting it from multiple medications, can be dangerous to your health. Once you combine it with other behaviors that tax the liver, such as heavy drinking, you could be causing serious damage to your liver and not even know it.

To avoid health problems associated with heavy alcohol consumption, The Doctors recommended limiting alcohol intake. “One glass a day for a woman, a couple glasses a day for a man, you’re not really going to be running into the danger zone,” Dr. Travis Stork said.

Read more about Alcohol Serving Size Guidelines.

But as he pointed out, even social drinkers tend to have multiple drinks in a social situation. Dr. Andrew Ordon added that you don’t want to take high doses of Acetaminophen the day after you’ve been drinking.


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