The Doctors: MyQuitCoach App Review – The App to Help You Quit Smoking


The Doctors: iPhone App to Quit Smoking

The Doctors talked to a couple from New York about the lifestyle they have been living, mainly the use of cigarettes by the husband, Russell. Russell has already had two heart attacks, eats very poorly, drinks a significant amount of coffee throughout the day and also hates to exercise. As Dr. Travis Stork points out, everyone knows smoking is not good for a person, causing cancer and lung problems in more smokers, but he also pointed out it is very hard to quick smoking on your own.  But it can be hard to quit smoking on your own, which is why The Doctors also found a fabulous iPhone App that helps you quit smoking called the MyQuitCoach App.

The Doctors: MyQuitCoach App Review - The App to Help You Quit Smoking

The Doctors reviewed the MyQuitCoach App, which is an iPhone App to help you quit smoking!


The Doctors: Metropolitan Hospital Smoking Cessation Program (FREE!!!)

The Doctors talked about the need to stop smoking because smoke can effect everyone. Dr. Stork pointed out that smoke can cling to many different things in the house, including couches, clothes, rugs, carpets and nearly anything else. These carcinogens clinging to items around the house is bad for everyone around.

The Doctors challenged Russell to try his best to stop smoking, for the sake of his wife and his health, and even enrolled Russell into the Metropolitan Hospital Smoking Cessation Program, a free program that will help him to put down the cigarettes for life.

The Doctors: My Quit Coach App Review

Dr. Sears talked about a great app anyone can download called MyQuitCoach, an app that helps people quit smoking by saving pictures of loved ones on the screen and reminding the smoker who he is affecting.  MyQuitCoach also reminds you of other tasks to be completed instead of smoking and helps with many other aspects of a smoking lifestyle that can make it difficult to quit the bad habit.



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