The Doctors: Muscle Pain Vs Organ Pain & Kidney Infection Test


The Doctors: Organ Pain

A woman asked why the human body has two kidneys but just one liver. Dr. Travis Stork said this is due to evolution. Vital organs keep you alive and they rely on each other to keep the body functioning.

Scientists believe that animals developed one heart and two lungs about 300 million years ago, when animals migrated to land from the sea, in search of safety and food. Not everything can be explained medically, and every evolutionary change happens slowly.


Dr. Andrew Ordon said it’s convenient that we have two of some things, because you can live with a single lung or kidney.

The Doctors: Double Body Organs

Why does the body have two of some organs, but only one of others?

Muscle Vs Organ Pain

Matthew asked The Doctors about occasional pain in his body, around where vital organs would be located. He wanted to know how to determine whether this is muscle pain, or actually coming from the organ.


The Doctors: Visceral Pain

Dr. Travis explained that Visceral Pain comes from the internal organs, but it is not always clear where it is coming from, because it could manifest somewhere else in the body.

That is because of the nerves that run through your body. That’s why, for example, Heart Attack symptoms can include arm pain.

How do you tell the difference? Dr. Travis used Dr. Jim Sears as a model to explain how he examines a patient. To determine the difference between a Pulled Muscle and Appendicitis, he explained that he would have the patient bend the knees and relax the abdomen.

How To Tell If It’s Internal Organ Pain

He would then do a digital examination of the abdomen, and If the problem was internal, the patient would reflexively tense his muscles. But tensing a pulled muscle will cause muscle pain, so this can be a quick way to tell the difference.

The Doctors: Kidney Infection Test

Dr. Travis explained another test for Kidney Infection. The pain would be in your back, and could manifest as Costovertebral Angle Tenderness, an inflammation around the Kidney. Pain in that area could help you decide whether you need to see the doctor and also help your physician find the right treatment for your condition.

Dr. Travis concluded by saying you should take pain seriously, especially unexplained physical pain, it could indicate an internal problem and you should seek medical attention.

“Trust your instincts, know your body,” Dr Lisa Masterson said.


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