The Doctors: Moll Anderson Seductive Tables For Two & Decorating Tips


The Doctors: How Environment Affects Mood

Lifestyle expert Moll Anderson helped one Doctors viewer transform her home with simple, colorful tips. Cheryl has a bright personality, but when she enters her home, she feels “drained” and “depressed.” Her house is dark, doesn’t receive enough light and is constantly cluttered.

It’s no secret that your environment can greatly affect your mood, so Cheryl’s home definitely needed an update. Moll displayed how simple and effective a home makeover can actually be.


The Doctors: Moll Anderson Seductive Tables For Two & Decorating Tips

Moll Anderson shared decorating tips for brightening your home on The Doctors.

Moll Anderson: Paint Walls Yellow To Brighten Room

Moll discussed the importance of creating a space that “draws you in” as soon as you enter. Yellow is a great color for walls, because it’s bright and energetic. Or, if you can’t commit to such a bright paint color, try yellow accents like throw pillows. Orange is another bright color that’s a bit warmer.

Moll Anderson: Decorate Home With Flowers

It’s scientifically proven that women feel romantic around flowers. The smell, as well as the bright colors, instantly enhance your mood. In a dark space like Cheryl’s, it’s important to bring the outside in. Add natural details such as greens and branches to your decor.
Also try going for a brisk walk and playing music, because music is known to combat depression.


Moll Anderson: Hang Mirrors To Reflect Light

In any room, mirrors are a great way to reflect light and energy. You can try a collage of small mirrors, or one large mirror that can create the illusion of more space.
What do you think of Moll’s tips? Will you be trying any of them to brighten your home for spring?

Moll Anderson: Seductive Tables For Two Book Review

Moll has written a book entitled Seductive Tables for Two which shares her tips for creating a romantic dinner. Moll suggests playing romantic music and lighting candles to create the perfect ambiance. Plus, the foods you prepare could help spice things up. Foods like chicken, pomegranate and pepper are all known aphrodisiacs.

For more of Moll’s romantic dinner ideas, pick up Seductive Tables for Two.


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