The Doctors: MIT Aging Suit Simulation & Elderly Health Problems


The Doctors: Grandparents Health Tips

A grandmother named Joyce recently moved in with her daughter, and she had some advice for younger generations. She noticed that her daughter Gabby’s family is constantly on the move, and it’s more than her body can handle.

Her advice to young people is to slow down and appreciate their bodies, because your flexibility and energy won’t last forever. She wished her daughter could see what it’s like to walk in her shoes.


The Drs: Aging Health Problems

The Doctors demonstrated a suit developed by MIT that simulates the chronic health problems associated with old age.

The Drs TV: MIT Aging Suit Experiment

Dr. Travis Stork modeled an Agnes Old Age Simulating Suit, from the MIT Age Lab. He looked ridiculous, and he explained that he was actually in pain because of the many things the suit was trying to replicate.

All his joints were braced to simulate limited mobility, and he wore glasses to approximate vision loss. Even the suit’s shoes were created to throw off your balance and limit hamstring flexibility, slowing you down.


When you recreate it like this, it’s really sobering to think about what happens in our bodies as we age. “I really do feel like this is simulating, if you’re not able to take care of yourself, what happens as you age,” Dr. Travis said. “I feel trapped right now.”

Gabby’s Age Suit Experiment

The Doctors made Joyce’s wish come true, having her wear the Agnes Age Suit around the house for a day, while attempting to perform her normal daily routine. It definitely slowed her down, and she said it really made her realize what her mother was going through and how much her body can do that she takes for granted.

Gabby said the experiment made her feel old, making it hard to climb stairs, get in the car, or even turn her neck. It gave her a sense of empathy and inspired her to take care of her body as she ages.

Aging & Health Problems

Dr. Travis said this experiment was making him seriously think about focusing on good posture, as well as preventing other progressive health problems associated with aging, such as arthritis.

In a country that is so disrespectful and dismissive of the concerns of its growing aging population, I think it would be great if this simulation were offered to the public at events, just like the drunk driving simulators that tour high schools.


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