The Doctors: Miracle Berry Review, Reason to Neuter Pets & Neuticles


The Doctors Miracle Berry Review

Have you ever heard of the Miracle Berry? It is a fruit that contains a special protein called miraculin which latches onto your taste bud receptors and prevents you from tasting sour flavors.

The Doctors invited innovative chef Homaro Cantu, the author of The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook, to show them how the berry worked to show them some of the best foods to try. He said the best part about the Miracle Berry is that it can cut down on your sugar intake while letting you have a sugary taste in your mouth.


If you have never tried a Miracle Berry before, I suggest you try them. I ordered some about a year about and I had a blast trying different kinds of food. Eating a lemon is like being able to eat lemonade. It tastes so good. If you don’t watch yourself, you could eat three or four lemons and not even realize it.

Lemons are not the only fruit it works with either. There are lots of different fruits it changes the taste of.


The Doctors: Prosthetic Testicle Implants for Dogs

The Doctors: Miracle Berry Review, Reason to Neuter Pets & Neuticles

The Doctors explained to one man how he can have Neuticles put in the place of his dog’s testicles and they tried out the amazing Miracle Berry.

Anthony has a really big health decision to make for his best friend and he doesn’t know what he is going to do so he stopped by The Doctors to ask for some help.

Anthony told them his best friend is his dog Kenna, a five-year-old pitbull that Anthony never got neutered. Not having his dog neutered has started to cause some problems and he was hoping there might be some options that didn’t involve neutering Kenna.

The Drs TV: Neutering Prevents Prostate Cancer

Unfortunately, according to veterinarian Dr. Louis Schwartz, you can either neuter the dog or not. The only in between option he has is something called Neuticals, which are prosthetic testicles for neutered pets.

He advised Anthony have his dog neutered because it can prevent prostate cancer and it will keep the number of dogs in America to a minimum since we already have an overpopulation of pets.

He demonstrated for Anthony for the procedure would be performed and showed him some of the prosthetics he could put in Kenna.

Check out the video below to see how a veterinarian would neuter a dog.


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