The Doctors: Mexican Beer Dermatitis or Drinkers Dermatitis


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of “Your Health In The Headlines” today – meaning that they covered all of the topics that are hot and controversial right now.  The Drs TV Show spoke about something called Mexican Beer Dermatitis or Drinkers Dermatitis as part of this segment.  Could you get a Rash From Beer? The Doctors Lime Rash

The Doctors TV Show: Drinkers Dermatitis

The Doctors said that all of us dream about our next vacation with beautiful people on a sun drenched beach drinking beer and lime, because who can drink a Corona without a lime?  But did you know that drinking a beer with lime is exactly how you catch what some people are calling Mexican Beer Dermatitis or Drinkers Dermatitis.


The Drs: What Causes Beer Dermatitis?

The Doctors said that Beer Dermatitis is in fact not caused by beer at all, but rather it is caused by the lime juice that we squeeze into our beer.  Dr Lisa Masterson said that she got a similar rash one time when she ate an orange, which got orange juice on the outside of her mouth, and then she went to play in the sun and got a horrible rash.  What causes Drinkers Dermatitis?  A compound known as Psoralen is found in lime juice and this, along with prolonged exposure to sunlight, causes Mexican Beer Dermatitis.  Coincidentally, Psoralen is used to treat Vitiligo (singer Michael Jackson famously suffered from this condition), which is the chronic disorder that causes depigmentation of patches of skin.

The Doctors: How To Treat Drinkers Dermatitis

The Doctors told the audience that you can treat Mexican Beer Dermatitis the same way you would treat a poison ivy rash, with hydro-cortisone cream.  Or, you can remember the acronym they used on the show (NFL for No Freaking Lime)!


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