The Doctors: Manos Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery


The Doctors: Secondhand Prescriptions

You’ve probably thought about it. There are some leftover painkillers or other prescriptions in your medicine cabinet. Wouldn’t it be easier to take those or pass them along to a family member, rather than go to the doctor and get your own?

“Do not share medications,” Dr. Travis Stork said. All medications can cause side effects, and there are millions of ER visits each year related to adverse reactions to medications. Make sure you know what you’re taking and follow all of your doctor’s instructions.


The Drs: Manos Carpal Tunnel

A new Carpal Tunnel surgery offers a less painful method with a faster recovery time.

The Doctors: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

From personal experience, I know that long hours typing at the computer can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But now you can even get it from sending too many text messages, or even from retaining water while pregnant.

Debra has yet another cause, and it was the secondhand result of the broken wrist she sustained in a fall. She developed Carpal Tunnel after her wrist surgery, according to her surgeon, Dr. James F. Coleman, Jr. That led to a classic open Carpal Tunnel procedure to improve flexibility in her left hand.


Manos Carpal Tunnel Procedure

Debra is still working on improving the strength of her left hand, and through it all she developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in her right hand as well. For this surgery, Dr. James took another approach, with the hope of giving Debra less pain and a quicker recovery. She was awake for the procedure.

In a video of the surgery, Dr. James stabbed a sharp, narrow blade through Debra’s hand, as if to give her the stigmata. I am glad she couldn’t see what was actually going on, which you can tell because she said, “It feels like a manicure.”

Manos Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

In the studio, Dr. Andrew Ordon welcomed Dr. James and Debra to talk about the results. Debra had her surgery two days before the taping. Dr. James said Debra was a perfect candidate, because she was an active person and compliant with all medical instructions

Dr. James explained that Carpal Tunnel is the result of pressure in the median nerve of the wrist. One symptom is numbness in the thumb, middle, and index finger. He added that patients are delaying treatments because of misconceptions about treatment.

Carpal Tunnel Delayed Treatment Risks

Dr. Andrew said that avoiding treatment can actually make the situation much worse or result in permanent nerve damage. This new Manos technique is less invasive than previous procedures, and it saws through the ligament, leaving an incision about the size of an IV. Just don’t watch the video of your own surgery!

Debra said she is back to normal, and is glad she didn’t have to go through the old Open Procedure, as she had on her left hand. Dr. Andrew stressed again that you shouldn’t wait to have your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treated.  Do something about it now!


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