The Doctors: Mamma’s Boys Are Healthier? Momma’s Boys Health Study


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of “Your Health In The Headlines” today – meaning that they covered many of the topics that are hot and controversial right now.  The Drs TV Show spoke about whether or not Mamma’s Boys Are Healthier than non-Momma’s Boys.  The Drs TV Show interviewed some people on the street, and here is what both men and women had to say about Mamma’s Boys: The Doctors TV Show Mom Boys

– My mom never judges me and stands behind me no matter what…


– Men take on what their moms say, even after they are married

– Moms make sure you take care of yourself and always give you a home cooked meal, which modern women just do not know how to do … (As a side note: this man is never going to get married!)

The Doctors TV Show: Momma’s Boys Are Healthier?

Dr Andrew Ordon said that a study showed that Momma’s Boys, or men who have a good relationship with their mother at least, have better mental health, lower chances of depression and overall they have fewer medical problems.  Perhaps this is because if you do not have a good relationship with your mother, she can literally make your life a living hell – or maybe I have just become jaded over the years, but at least I have the best mom in the world!


Dr Travis Stork said that he does not think being a Mamma’s Boy and being macho or masculine are mutually exclusive.  Dr Jim Sears said it is good to be attached to your mom to a certain degree and a study showed that if you are close with your mom as a child, you will be more confident and emotionally stable.  However, you do have to separate a bit from your mother at some point, because your mom cannot fight all of your battles.


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