The Doctors: Magnetic Tongue Ring Risks & Fake Medical Insurance


The Doctors: Hepatitis B Nail Salon Danger

A woman named Nancy Swanson has learned the hard way to do her nails at home, according to a news report. She contracted Hepatitis B from a nail salon while she was getting a pedicure. She nearly died, though she seems to be in god health now.

Dr. Travis Stork explained that the sharp tools and equipment used in nail salon can draw blood. If instruments are not properly cleaned and sterilized between uses, you can contract Hepatitis B or other blood-borne diseases from nail salon clients. Even dried blood can carry active Hepatitis B.


The Doctors: Tongue Ring Magnet Danger

Swallowing imitation tongue rings or other magnets can lead to serious health complications.

The Drs TV: Hepatitis B Symptoms

Dr. Robert Gish is a Hepatologist at UC San Diego, where he specializes in liver diseases. Nancy is his patient, and he joined the show via Polycom to talk about her case. She was hospitalized for about a week when her infection was discovered.

Yellow skin, dark urine, weakness, and flu-like symptoms are all indicators of Hepatitis B, but the good news is there is a vaccine to protect you from it. Dr. Gish said there is no cure once you have Hepatitis B, but it can be suppressed using medications.


Preventing Hepatitis B At Nail Salons

Dr. Travis said you should only choose nail salons where you are sure they sanitize their tools. You could even bring your own equipment from home so you’re sure it’s not being used on anyone else. If you have open cuts on your hands or feet, it might be best to skip the salon until they clear up.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said manicures and pedicures can have health benefits when performed correctly, so don’t let these warnings completely scare you away from the salon.

The Doctors: Non-Piercing Earrings

Dr. Travis said 22 kids have been hospitalized in recent years and one of them even died because they’ve used magnets to simulate a pierced tongue. If swallowed, these ball bearing sized magnets can kink your intestines and cause other serious internal problems.

Why would you put metal in your mouth? That wouldn’t taste good, for starters. Kids have poor judgment. Just get your tongue pierced, if you’re going to have metal in your mouth.

Dr. Jim Sears said swallowing magnets can lead to big problems when the magnets are drawn to each other. It can cause your organs to fuse together, and this can only be corrected via surgery. That sounds like a lot of trouble for something that’s easy to avoid.

The Doctors: Paperclip Root Canals

A Boston dental office was recently shut down after authorities discovered they were cutting corners. The dentist was using paperclips instead of steel posts when performing Root Canals. That’s messed up! The guy was apparently trying to scam Medicaid. Don’t dentists already have an uphill PR battle without problems like this?

The Doctors welcomed Suze Orman to talk about this, for some reason. I don’t think she’s a dentist, but maybe she is going to talk about being cheap?

Suze Orman: Fake Medical Insurance

Dr. Travis asked Suze Orman why this situation in Boston happened. She said she’s heard of many cases where doctors are overextended financially, and try to find ways to cut corners so they can maximize income. This isn’t really about the dental paperclips, but it’s more of a pivot onto a quasi-related topic.

Dr. Travis wondered if there are red flags you should watch out for. Suze said you should find a doctor or dentist who comes recommended. But in addition to the dangers during your office visit, you have to worry about medical identity theft.

Suze Orman: Medical Identity Theft

Doctor’s or dentist’s office employees are stealing your insurance information and selling it on the black market to people who don’t have insurance. Then their information is on your medical records, and doesn’t that imply that your insurance company is footing the bill, or passing it along to you?

The Doctors said this is the first they’ve heard of this behavior. Suze said this is another reason you should check your credit reports and insurance records all the time.

She suggested that if you go to a doctor’s office and they don’t ask for your ID, that could be a warning sign. Dr. Travis echoed the importance of referrals from friends and family in finding trusted medical providers.


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