The Doctors: Liquid Nitrogen Cold Air Healing Tissue Treatment


The Doctors: Liquid Nitrogen

The Doctors showed off Liquid Nitrogen, which at a temperature of -200 to -250 Fahrenheit is colder than the Arctic. Have you wondered what that does to your body?

Cold temperatures can constrict your blood vessels, which is why ice is used to treat injuries. Dr. Travis Stork used a balloon and Liquid Nitrogen to demonstrate how blood vessels are constricted by cold temperatures.


The Drs: Liquid Nitrogen Treatment

Dr. Jim Sears showed how Liquid Nitrogen Cold Air treatments work, and explained their health benefits.

The Drs TV: Cold Air Treatments

Dr. Jim Sears has talked before about the Health Benefits of Cold Showers.

But now he’s taking the benefits of Cold Air to the extreme by going into a freezing cold chamber. He met Alan Christianson, a naturopathic physician, who explained the whole body treatment that would bathe his body in cold mist.


Liquid Nitrogen Cold Air Treatment

Alan explained that Water leads to heat loss, but this cold Air treatment preserves the optimal temperatures for the desired treatment effects.

Dr. Jim’s treatment lasted just two and a half minutes, but he got impatient after just 30 seconds. Alan explained that Dr. Jim’s body is being redirected toward his organs, reducing inflammation and stimulating temperature repair.

Liquid Nitrogen Air Chamber Healing Treatment

By the end, he was shivering in the cold chamber. But Dr. Jim managed to last the entire two and a half minutes in the cold air created by the Liquid Nitrogen Treatment. “It felt like a long time,” he said. “It was cold in there.”

How long do you think you could last in -200 degree air? I don’t know that I could go the full time, but maybe it’s not as intense as ice cold water.

Cold Air Liquid Nitrogen Treatment Results

Back in the studio, Dr. Jim said that he was sore from exercising before getting his treatment. But this Liquid Nitrogen Therapy soothed his sore muscles, like a whole body ice pack.

Dr. Travis said that these treatments are popular in Sports Medicine, and many studies are evaluating the effects of this treatment for Sports Injuries, Dermatitis, and Rheumatological conditions like Arthritis and even Multiple Sclerosis.

Those are certainly worthwhile benefits, so it’ll be interesting to see what those studies conclude over time.


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