The Doctors: Lice In Your Eyelashes? + Wrongful Life Suit


The Doctors: Negative Side Effects Of Online Dating

The Doctors shared that club owners in Australia are upset with the popularity of dating apps because now people are looking online for dates, rather than going to clubs. They’re saying they’re losing money because of online dating. Dr Travis Stork then shared that there’s actually been a higher STD rate among online daters than among club-goers, which seems to be a bit surprising. One in every five adults has used websites to find dates. There are both good and bad apps for finding people online.


The Doctors: Eyelash Lice

The Doctors: Lice In Your Eyelashes? + Wrongful Life Suit

Did you know lice don’t only attach to your scalp? The Doctors shared a video of lice crawling around in eyelashes. (kalexanderson / Flickr)

The Doctors then moved on to talk about lice. An estimated 6-12 million kids will get lice every year in the U.S. alone. They then showed a video out of China of lice crawling around in eye lashes. Lice can really live on any part of your body, but eyelash lice is rare. Dr Drew Ordon shared that lice are now becoming resistant to over-the-counter treatments that used to work to kill them. To make your own lice treatment, put olive oil in your hair and then cover it with a shower cap. It supposedly suffocates the lice. There are also special combs to help you find hidden lice. Be aware if there’s an outbreak near you because lice can jump from one person to another.


The Doctors: Caught On Fire While Driving & Smoking

We all know that smoking is bad for you, but there’s a dashcam video that brought up a whole new level of danger for cigarette users. A driver apparently lit a cigarette while there was a leaking gas canister in the car. The entire interior of the car went up in flames but luckily the woman survived and jumped out of her car as soon as she could. It’s just another reason to stop smoking and never start in the first place. It’s another form of distracted driving, with the average smoker being distracted for 12 seconds.

The Doctors: Wrongful Life Suit

There’s now a case out of Washington being referred to as a “wrongful life suit.” A local woman was suing a federally funded health care clinic over an unwanted pregnant. She was getting birth control shots but the clinic mistakenly gave her a flu shot instead, causing her to get pregnant. The baby has a congenital brain abnormality and regularly has seizures.

Mike Maxwell, the attorney representing the plaintiff in the wrongful life suit, shared that the family loves their daughter, but she’s put a big burden on the family. It’s likely that the daughter will never be able to live independently. They made it clear that they’re not connecting the flu shot and the abnormalities, but getting a flu shot instead of the birth control shot is the issue. Mike said the clinic was put on notice and they tried to resolve out of court, but they denied it, and then denied their appeal as well. Now, they have filed the suit with the federal court in Seattle.

Dr Ashton suggested asking for the box to make sure that you’re getting what you asked for.

On the other side of the issue was lawyer Areva Martin, who said it’s a form of medical malpractice. Areva said the claim is that the clinic owed the woman a duty and they breached that claim. They have to prove that getting the flu shot is what led to the pregnancy, because it’s not 100% certain. There’s also plenty of questions about the claims and what exactly the woman wants out of this case. These cases can be incredibly expensive, so there’s a lot to consider.

What do you think will end up happening with this case? Did the woman have a right to sue the clinic?


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