The Doctors: Lens X Laser Cataract Surgery Procedure Review


The Doctors: Vision Problems

Debbie from Texas emailed The Doctors with a preventative health question. She said she has always had perfect vision, but she knows at some point it will start to decline. Debbie asked about the average age when people start having vision loss, and if there are ways to prevent it from happening to you.

Dr. Travis Stork said that vision problems are a natural part of aging. Loss of visual acuity is called Presbyopia, and it tends to start for most people during their 40s. But the good news is that taking care of your eyes can help you put it off for as long as possible.


The Drs: Lens X For Cataracts

The Doctors showed off a new laser surgery that precisely targets and removes Cataracts.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said wearing sunglasses and including fresh vegetables in your diet are a couple ways to preserve your vision. He also recommended moisturizing your eyes or contact lenses, in addition to getting annual eye exams.

You can also try to limit eye strain. But at some point, your eyes will lose some of their acuity and there’s nothing you can do to fight this consequence of aging.


The Drs TV: Cataracts and Aging

Gayle has been wearing glasses since age five, and hasn’t been able to read without glasses or contacts since she turned 40. But six weeks ago, her vision took a turn for the worse. She had diminished night vision, and her doctor diagnosed her with a slight Cataract.

The Doctors referred Gayle to a surgeon to help her correct the Cataract and reduce or eliminate her need for contacts or glasses. Gayle was far-sighted, and her Cataract was blocking her vision.

Lens X Cataract Surgery

Ophthalmologist Dr. Jonathan Ramin Pirnazar used a laser to break up the Cataract as well as give Gayle a new lens to improve her overall vision. The surgical process used lasers and high tech cameras to pinpoint the Cataract and break it up.

Using the Lens X machine, the laser can perfectly target and remove the Cataract. Gayle’s lens implant was made of acrylic material. This is different from Lasik surgery, which uses a laser to reshape your corneas.

What Is a Cataract?

Dr. Pirnazar and Gayle joined The Doctors for a follow up on her surgery. The doctor explained that Cataracts are inside the eye, which can make them hard to see with the naked eye. Cataracts are actually behind the pupil, which can make the pupil appear opaque.

In Gayle’s case, Dr. Pirnazar said the new Lens X laser creates incisions for Cataract Surgery. “It’s adding safety, precision, and accuracy to the procedure,” he explained.

Lens X Cataract Surgery Results

The Lens X breaks the procedure into quadrants, then makes the incisions and breaks up the Cataracts. Dr. Pirnazar still has to remove the debris. Dr. Pirnazar also inserted Gayle’s new lens, so she is now 100% glasses-free, even when she is reading or watching TV.

Gayle reported that it’s convenient not to need glasses or contacts anymore. The procedure took just seven minutes. Dr. Travis recommended getting an eye exam as soon as you notice vision problems, for the best chance to have them corrected.

Dr. Pirnazar recommended Lutine, Fish Oil, and antioxidants for additional eye health.


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