The Doctors: Left Handed Vs Right Handed Causes


The Doctors: Left Handed Vs Right Handed People

One girl said she is the only student in her school who is left handed. “Does that mean I’m smarter than everyone else?” she asked. I am also one of the 15% of the population who are left-handed, so I have a vested interest in The Doctors’ advice on this.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said that science hasn’t figured out what determines hand dominance. Theories include genetics, social acceptance, and possibly even neonatal development.


The Drs: Left Vs Right Handed

15% of the population is left-handed, but the overwhelming majority is right-handed.

The Drs TV: What Causes Hand Dominance

Also, Dr. Jim Sears noted that babies tend to be Ambidextrous until they reach about one year old. He said attempting to force your child to use one hand instead of the other could negatively affect their development.

“Just let the baby use whichever hand they want,” he said. My sister was initially left-handed, but after she broke her left arm at a young age, she switched and has been right-handed ever since.


Which hand do you use? Do you have any left-handed people in your family?

The Doctors: Red Wine Effects

Joseph from Boston said drinking red wine makes his anus warm. What a weird thing to observe, or maybe not, according to the expert advice in today’s show.

For the answer, The Doctors turned to internist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez. He said Anal Flushing when drinking red wine is actually a normal biological response.

He explained that this effect could occur anywhere in the body, including the anus. It happens because the wine releases Histamines, which can cause that hot feeling.

Dr. Lisa said she has noticed it in her face, but not her butt. Just don’t drink Alcohol From Paper Cups.

The Doctors: Krill Oil Supplement

Dr. Jim Sears shared some quick tips to make your diet more heart healthy. He suggested limiting high cholesterol fatty foods, avoiding butter, margarine, and shortening in your recipes.

Low fat proteins, like chicken breast, are a better alternative to greasy, breaded fried chicken.

He also recommended the Mega Red Krill Oil supplement for added heart health. Read more about Krill Oil.

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