The Doctors: Laxative Wine, Plate Color & Portion Control


The Doctors: Laxative Wine

Lots of people enjoy white wine. But Dr. Andrew Ordon said wines imported from Australia & Europe may contain additives that aren’t listed on the label. One of these is Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose. It’s used to keep the wine clear and stop it from crystallizing, but it has the same effect of a laxative.

But there’s no way to know this laxative is in your wine, and with so many varieties of wine on the market, your best indicator is your body’s own reaction to it. If you have a worse headache or loose stool after drinking, you can always switch to a different wine.


The Drs: Plate Color & Portion Size

Coordinating your plate & food color can help you manage your portion size.

Dr. Jim Sears: Plate Color & Portion Size

A study says that the color of your plate determines how much you eat. Dr. Jim Sears tested the theory on 10 lunch guests, giving half of them white plates, and the other half red plates.

They enjoyed a pasta buffet, and Dr. Jim explained that “when the food contrasts with the color of your plate, you eat less.” But if your food matches your plate, you’ll eat much more.


Dr. Jim weighed the plates and found that the red plate group ate an average of half a pound more per plate than those who received white plates. The contrasts create an optical illusion, causing a contrasting plate to appear more full. If you want to control your portions, choose plates that contrast with the color of your food.

The Drs TV: No More Florida Gym Class?

The Doctors talked about a Florida proposal to do away with Physical Education & Gym Class, in a bid to save money. But 18.3% of the state’s children are considered obese. “Exercise improves academic performance,” Dr. Travis Stork said.

Dr. Jim Sears said improving your health through physical activity can actually save you money on healthcare. Giving kids the chance to get outside for gym or recess increases blood flow throughout your body, including to the brain.

Dr. Jim Sears said he was a varsity soccer player in college, thanks to his high school gym class experiences. Dr. Lisa Masterson said she was a cheerleader in high school. Sometimes kids need encouragement to do physical activities they’ll end up enjoying.

“Part of learning is movement, balance, coordination,” Dr. Travis said. The Doctors urged parents to tell their schools not to eliminate Physical Education.


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