The Doctors: Kitchen, Bathroom & Home Office Bacteria Warnings


The Doctors: Household Germs

Are you a neat freak? If so, you’ll want to listen up, because Dr Jim Sears toured an average house to highlight how most of us miss some of the germiest spots when we’re cleaning up around the house. Check out Dr Jim Sears’ kitchen, bathroom, and home office bacteria warnings.

Scrub The Floor In Front Of Your Kitchen Sink

“Did you know that the kitchen floor around your sink has more bacteria than your trash can?” Dr Sears asked. All the food and dishwater get tracked around the house on your shoes, so be sure to do a good job of scrubbing everything down.


The Drs: Cutting Board Bacteria

According to Dr Sears, the cutting board you use to prepare your food might have 200 times more bacteria than your toilet seat. Gross! Dr Jim said you should use plastic or another non-porous cutting board to prepare meat. Wood cutting boards are fine for veggies, but make sure you’re washing your cutting boards with soap and hot water.

Refrigerator Drawers & Shelves Bacteria

The Doctors: Kitchen & Home Office Bacteria Warnings

Dr Jim Sears unveiled the kitchen & home office bacteria warnings you may be overlooking when you clean.

You probably clean the dishes and containers regularly, but when is the last time you really did a deep clean of your refrigerator? The shelves and drawers could be growing Salmonella, Listeria, and many more unwanted germs.


Home Office Bacteria Warnings: Keyboard & Mouse Germs

The computer keyboard is probably five times dirtier than your toilet seat, according to Dr Sears. The mouse, light switches, and remote should also probably get added to your cleaning routine; use an antibacterial spray and wipe them down.

Bathroom Faucet Handle

If you thought your office was gross, it’s got nothing on the Bathroom Faucet. The sink spigot in your bathroom likely has more contaminants and bacteria than everything in your office combined. Dr Sears recommended cleaning this area multiple times per week.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

Wherever you keep your toilet paper should be a place you clean vigilantly. That’s because it’s likely to have 150 times more bacteria than the actual toilet, and it probably rarely gets the cleaning attention it needs.

The Doctors said you can also wash your sponge in the dishwasher or heat it up in the microwave to keep that clean between uses. Which one of these gross home revelations was most surprising for you?

The Doctors: Forearm Bacteria Warning

It’s not the armpits or the feet. There’s another body part that has more bacteria than any other place on your body: the forearm. It’s exposed to all kinds of germs and bacteria, and it doesn’t always get washed along with your hands.

A study found that this is the most dangerous area for bacteria, so you may want to make like a doctor yourself and scrub all the way up to your elbows. In the end, Dr Travis said we shouldn’t be afraid of all the bacteria on our bodies, whether it’s from Scabies, Roundworm, Bed Bugs, or any of the millions of other bacteria out there.


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