The Doctors: Keratosis Vs Acne & Treatment Options


The Doctors: Butt Keratosis

Today, The Drs answered a variety of medical questions from viewers and audience members. They said that there is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to health matters, and you can actually learn something new from today’s Q&A.

Jaclyn wrote in with another question for The Doctors. She said she knows someone who has Keratosis on their arms. But Jaclyn thinks she has Keratosis on her butt. She wondered if that is possible.


Dr. Jim Sears explained that Keratosis Pilaris is common in children and adults. They are red, fleshy bumps that typically occur on the back of the arm. The arm is a common location for them because it is exposed skin, and Keratosis sometimes forms as a reaction to outer stimulation from the sun or other environmental elements.

The Drs: Keratosis Vs Acne

How to tell if you have Keratosis or Acne, and what to do about it.

What Is Keratosis

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that Keratosis is a buildup of excess Keratin, the outer layer of the skin. It can also manifest as Age Spots or a response to sun exposure.


There are many varieties of Keratosis, which is a benign but generally unattractive lesion. Sometimes Keratosis can indicate a food allergy as well.

The Doctors: Keratosis Treatments

Dr. Jim said many Keratosis patients attempt to aggressively scrub and exfoliate the skin, which could actually cause more irritation. He recommended a Salycylic Acid Cream for treatment.

Dr. Andrew said there is no way to prevent Keratosis from forming, but there are many different approaches to treating the condition. They can be shaved or cauterized for removal, in addition to using topical or over the counter products.

The Doctors: Keratosis Vs Acne

Dr. Jim Sears said Jaclyn’s condition might actually be acne. If it is acne, you can treat it with over the counter acne products. Your doctor might also recommend a topical steroid.

Dr. Travis explained that Keratosis is a hard surface, whereas Acne is soft. You would not be able to squeeze Keratosis to remove it.


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