The Doctors: Jewcan Sam Music Video Plastic Surgery Controversy


The Drs: Plastic Surgery Music Video

How far does your sense of humor stretch when it comes to sensitive topics such as religion? That’s what The Doctors debated in a segment about a controversial “Jewcan Sam” music video and the Florida plastic surgeon who is surprised at the backlash.

The Doctors: Jewcan Sam Plastic Surgery Music Video

A Florida plastic surgeon is under fire for a music video promoting plastic surgery. The Doctors shared a portion of the video, wherein the lyrics compare the singer’s nose to “Jewcan Sam,” a religiously offensive reference to the Froot Loops mascot, Toucan Sam.


Jewcan Sam Music Video: The Doctors

The Doctors debated a controversial music video commissioned by a plastic surgeon. "Jewcan Sam" has drawn ire from the Jewish community, but its creators call it a parody.

The star of the video decides to have plastic surgery on his nose to make himself more attractive to a female classmate. In a twist ending, he learns after surgery that she only dates football players anyway.

“What was he thinking?” Dr Andrew Ordon asked after watching the video. “He had to know that most people would just find this over the top, inappropriate, and outrageous.”


Dr Jim Sears said that, while the humorous spirit and tone of the song and video might be attention grabbing, they reflect poorly on the professionalism of the plastic surgeon behind the campaign. “This makes me not want to go to him to get a serious procedure done.”

Dr Ordon said this case is under review by the American Society for Plastic Surgeons ethics committee. Dr Lisa Masterson said she is offended by the video.

Dr Michael Salzhauer: Jewish Plastic Surgery Video Parody

From Miami, plastic surgeon Dr Michael Salzhauer agreed to chat with The Doctors about the motivation behind his video. “I’m truly sorry if I offended anybody, but the video is intended as a work of parody,” he said. He said that everyone involved in the video is a proud Orthodox Jew, and the video was promoted with a disclaimer that it is a joke.

“I’m not Jewish and you actually offended me,” Dr Lisa said. “You cannot put down an ethnic group because of their facial type.”

Dr Michael Salzhauer said the band and video director were responsible for the content, but Dr Lisa wasn’t buying it. “It’s your responsibility as a physician,” she said. “You cannot call Jewish people Jew-can Sam…. Whether it was lighthearted or not, you can say things that are going to hurt people and are going to be offensive…. We have to be held to a higher standard.”

The Groggers: Jewcan Sam Music Video

In the studio audience was Doug, the lead singer from The Groggers, who also starred in the video and underwent a nose job in the process. Wearing his yarmulke, he said he has mixed emotions about the reaction, which has drawn ire from the Anti-Defamation League.

“I almost find it amusing, because we’re all Orthodox Jews…and this is what they’re going after? A music video where we’re making fun of ourselves?” Doug said. He explained that his band has made a habit of satirizing topics associated with their Jewish faith.

Doug said that the song and video dealt with issues he and other Jewish students experienced in high school, such as name calling and peer pressure to conform to standards of beauty. While Dr Ordon was open to Doug’s defense that he is an entertainer, the panel was more concerned about the association with a medical practice.

“It was received very well, as a joke, by the vast majority of people that saw it,” Dr Salzhauer said. “It made the news in Israel. They all laughed.”

What do you think about this controversy? Do you find the song offensive? What would you think if your doctor took this type of unconventional approach to advertising?


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