The Doctors: Jet Blue Pilot Breakdown & Moldy Tampons


The Doctors: Pilot Emergency & Tampon Mold

On August 30, The Doctors revealed tips and tricks to looking and feeling thinner, younger, and sexier than you did in high school. Want to find out more? Stay tuned. First up, the Doctors took a look at some important health-related news that has recently been in the headlines. Check out The Doctors’ perspectives on the Jet Blue pilot meltdown and a recent moldy tampon incident.

The Doctors: Jet Blue Pilot Meltdown

Jet Blue Pilot Emergency: The Doctors

The Doctors discussed the recent Jet Blue pilot emergency, and how you should handle a similar situation. (Christopher Parypa /


Headlines were made all across the country when a Jet Blue pilot recently suffered an apparent mental breakdown in the middle of a flight and was locked out of the cock pit. The Doctors were joined by Paul, a former NYPD sergeant, who was a passenger on that plane and shared his story.

It all began when Paul was seated in the front of the plane and noticed someone in uniform running past him. It was the pilot, and he soon began displaying erratic behavior like pounding on doors and shouting. Paul heard the pilot mention something about a bomb, and he even told the passengers to start saying their prayers.

Paul recognized that this was an emergency situation and immediately leapt to the front. With the help of three other passengers, Paul was able to calm the pilot and gain control of the situation.


The Doctors: How to React in an Emergency Situation

Paul admitted that at first, he believed there was some sort of terrorist attack happening. It was only after calming the pilot down that the chaos finally subsided. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the situation was handled in the best way possible.

Dr Stork was reluctant to try to guess what had happened to the pilot, because he would not try to diagnose someone that he had never even met. However, he did say that as a bystander, the best way to handle a situation like this is to call 911, get help, and try to keep your cool. What people tend to do in emergency situations is give in to the chaos, which only escalates the problem and makes it worse. Paul did the right thing by keeping calm.

Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself in a similar situation; but if you do, follow Paul’s excellent example.

The Doctors: Moldy Tampon Incident

Women everywhere were positively shocked when Danielle, a twenty-three-year-old blogger, found mold growing on a brand new, unused tampon and posted a picture on her site. A viewer, Allison, wrote in to the Doctors and wanting to know more about the story and what she should do to avoid a similar situation.

Luckily, Danielle was on the phone with the Doctors, so we got to hear the answer straight from the original source. Danielle noticed the mold when she opened the wrapper in haste and the tampon came out of its applicator.

How harmful is this? Very harmful, unfortunately. A moldy tampon inside of your body could cause an allergic reaction or an infection, which can be quite dangerous. If the smell or texture of a tampon seems off to you, don’t use it.

The Doctors: Where to Store Your Tampons

Dr Masterson explained that tampons are made out of cotton and can grow mold just like anything else. It’s best to store your tampons somewhere dry and free of any moisture; not dark and under the bathroom cabinet, even though this is where most women store their tampons. You can also buy tampons without the applicator, so that you can see clearly what you are inserting directly into your body.

Dr Stork read a statement from the tampon manufacturers where they stated that they have hired an independent testing facility to get to the bottom of the issue. They apologized and assured that it was an isolated incident. Dr Masterson said that the mold could absolutely have developed in the storage facility or even Danielle’s house, the tampon company having no fault at all.

So ladies, just to be on the safe side, give your tampons a quick look-over before you use them!


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