The Doctors: Jennie Garth, Migraines & Medical Terms For Kids


The Doctors: Migraine Treatments

Megrim is the medical term for migraine headaches. Actress Jennie Garth joined The Doctors to discuss her challenges as a working mother who deals with lifelong migraines. She said she remembered having them even in childhood.

Jennie Garth said she treats her megrim or migraine headaches by going into a dark room and keeping light away from her eyes. Vision and other senses can cause her pain to intensify. She said she has a friend who goes blind when she gets migraines.


Jennie Garth: Website

The Doctors: Jennie Garth, Migraines & Medical Terms For Kids

Jennie Garth talked about her lifelong challenges with migraines and how she is raising awareness. Dr. Jim Sears taught kids common medical terms. (Image Credit: Joe Seer /

Now Jennie Garth is helping to raise awareness about migraines and help others deal with them. She said over the counter treatments are best whenever possible, to avoid reliance on prescription drugs. She said you can visit to find more information and resources for dealing with migraines.

Dr. Travis Stork said migraines are a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning doctors will rule out other possible causes before settling on migraines.


Dr. Lisa Masterson: Migraine Triggers & Genetics

Dr. Lisa Masterson talked about migraine triggers, such as smells or foods. Even dehydration can be a trigger. She added that women are much more prone to migraines than men, and sometimes they can even be caused by hormonal triggers like menstruation.

Jennie Garth said one of her daughters also has bad headaches. Dr. Lisa Masterson said it does run in families, adding that four in five migraine sufferers have a family history of the condition. If one of your parents has migraines, a child has a 50% chance of having them also. If both parents have migraines, the child’s likelihood of having them increases to 75%.

The Doctors: Cold Migraine Cap

Dr. Travis Stork modeled a cold cap, worn around the head, that can help treat migraines. He said the cap was comfortable even though he didn’t have a headache. Click here to purchase a similar migraine cap.

He said studies have shown that acupuncture is beneficial to migraine sufferers. Dr. Travis Stork said you want to be in control over your migraine symptoms, because they can be debilitating.

Dr. Jim Sears: Teaching Kids About The Body

Dr. Jim Sears is a pediatrician, and he loves teaching kids about medicine. He visited some children to teach them medical terms. The first was Eructation, and to help kids guess what it means, he played a sound effect.

Right away, the kids figured out that Eructation means burping. Dr. Jim Sears explained that air stuck in the stomach causes burping.

The Drs: Kids, Earwax, and Flatulence

The next word on his list was Cerumen, which is earwax. Dr. Jim Sears brought out a giant ear. He explained that earwax helps to keep your ears clean and protects them. The kids wanted to touch the earwax in Dr. Jim Sears’s giant ear.

Next on the list was flatulence, and thanks to sound effects, the kids identified farting right away. He explained that certain foods produce gas, which causes flatulence. The kids discussed mucus next, and Dr. Jim Sears explained that it can trap germs.



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