The Doctors: Jeff Wright Joubert Syndrome & Home Depot Donation


The Doctors: Jeff Wright Joubert Syndrome

The Doctors had physics teacher Jeff Wright on the show, whose son was suffering from Joubert Syndrome. Dr. Jim Sears explained that the condition is a very rare genetic brain malformation. It affects balance, coordination and a lot of vital body functions like breathing. He said children with this will be affected very differently from each other, from rapid breathing to slow breathing, weak muscle control or no muscle control at all, abnormal eye movements or blindness and intellectual delay.

Jeff Wright said his son is on the lower part of that spectrum, but there are little moments where his sense of humor really shines through that make him believe that intellectually, his son is strong.


The Doctors: Jeff Wright Inspiring Students

The Doctors: Jeff Wright Joubert Syndrome & Speaking To Former Student

Jeff Wright, whose son Adam is suffering from Joubert Syndrome, received $10,000 from the Home Depot Foundation to help him with the supplies and labor he needs from Home Depot to make his home more accessible for Adam. (pio3 /

Dr. Andrew Ordon asked Jeff Wright if he’d inspired any of his students to practice medicine or continue on in the sciences. Jeff said he wasn’t sure if he inspired any of them, but one of his former students is becoming a pediatrician and another is becoming a psychiatrist and wants to provide psychiatric help for the poor.


The Doctors: Physics Teacher Jeff Wright Former Student

Jeff Wright’s former student Tiya was on the phone, to tell Jeff Wright how much his class meant to her. Tiya said that when she was doing her undergraduate degree, her physics professor was terrible. So she said she pulled out her notes from Jeff Wright’s high school physics class to study so she wouldn’t fail the class and she’d be able to go onto medical school.

Jeff Wright was crying as he talked to her. Tiya said that Jeff Wright was awesome and said she wanted to thank him. She said that he made his students learn concepts, rather than formulas and made physics fun.

The Doctors: Home Depot Surprise for Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright’s daughter Abby and wife Nancy joined The Doctors via video conference. Nancy said that raising her son Adam was day to day and sometimes hour to hour, but she said at the end of the day, it’s worth it.

Dr. Travis Stork said that after hearing the storyJeff told about Home Depot, the people at the Home Depot Foundation wanted to help him out. They’ve committed $10,000 to helping Jeff Wright find the things he needs to make his home work more smoothly with Adam and to help with Adam’s needs. It includes supplies and labor and whatever else he might need.


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