The Doctors: Jaundice, Extreme Bruising and Strabismus


The Doctors: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

The Doctors explained how to tell from a picture if something is wrong with someone’s health. Test your knowledge of conditions such as Jaundice.

The Doctors had a photo shoot before the show and even invited some audience members to participate. They kicked off their show with a game called “What’s Wrong with this Picture.” Audience members Kelsey and Dawn Marie were selected to play along.


The doctors showed the girls pictures, some of which they’d “doctored,” and the girls had to say what they thought was wrong with the person.

The Doctors: Jaundice, Extreme Bruising and Strabismus

According to The Doctors, if your child is cross eyed there are many easy fixes, but ignoring the problem can lead to blindness.

The Doctors: Is Jaundice Normal in Adults?

The first picture was of two men. The girls decided the guy on the right had really oily skin and his eyes looked a little funny. According to Dr. Travis Stork, the man on the right actually had jaundice.


When your red blood cells break down, bilirubin is formed, and if too much builds up, it can make your skin look yellow. Oftentimes it means there’s a problem with your liver or gallbladder. Dr. Stork said that jaundice is never normal in an adult, so if you notice that your skin is looking a little yellow, get it checked out.

The Doctors: Bruising Could Signal Clotting Disorder

The second picture was of two girls, and right away Kelsey and Dawn Marie noticed the large bruising all over the one girl’s legs.

According to Dr. Lisa Masterson, bruising is caused by an injury to the capillaries. Sometimes the cause of bruising can be anemia, but with bruises as large as the girl’s, it’s more likely a clotting disorder.

A lot of aspirin can also affect your platelets and cause bruising. Dr. Masterson said that any time you have unexplained bruises popping up, it’s a good idea to go to the doctor for blood tests.

The Doctors: Strabismus Can Lead to Blindness

The last picture was of a family with their toddler. The girls picked up on the little boy’s wandering eyes right away. Dr. Jim Sears said that this is called Strabismus, and it’s when both eyes aren’t looking in the same direction.

When an eye wanders, it sends the wrong signals to the brain, and after awhile it becomes essentially blind unless it’s fixed.

Dr. Sears said that Strabismus needs to be fixed within the first year of a child’s life, and this can be done with special glasses or patching the good eye to make the weak eye stronger. There’s also a simple surgery that can fix the problem.


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