The Drs: Is The Man Flu Real? + Should You Try DIY Screening Kits


The Doctors: Yoga Pants To Burn More Calories

Would you believe that there is a pair of yoga pants out there that can help you burn more calories and tone the muscles in your legs? The Doctors put the pants to the test, by having two women wear them while running on the treadmill. They would check back in with the women later in the show to see if the pants they were wearing made any difference at all. The first woman ran a mile in regular yoga pants and burned 116 calories, and then with the high-tech yoga pants on, she burned 162 calories.

The second woman burned 54 calories in her first mile, then 96 calories with the “fancy pants” on. They explained that the pants definitely make you work harder, and described them as feeling like football pants.


The Doctors: Is The Man Flu Legit?

The Drs: Is The Man Flu Real? + Should You Try DIY Screening Kits

Do men really experience harsher flu symptoms than everyone else? The Doctors discussed new research claiming the man flu is real! (helios89 / Flickr)


Next, do you think men take the flu a lot harder than women? The audience, who was mostly made up of women, certainly seemed to think so! Dr Travis Stork explained that “man flu” which is defined as the illness that causes the male to be helpless and sicker than every other family member, could actually be legit according to science! A recent study released in the American Journal of Physiology found that men may suffer more from flu symptoms than women. The female hormone, estrogen, may make it harder for the flu virus to infect cells.

Dr Rachael Ross encouraged everyone to keep in mind that the studies were based off cells, not actual women. She argued that life prepares women to handle the flu better, whether it’s because of menstruation or pregnancy. Dr Andrew Ordon applauded women, but acknowledged that men fight through a lot as well. He admitted that when he’s a little off, whether because of a cold or the flu, he’s certainly a bit whiny, and Dr Stork described himself as a “full on drama queen” when he’s sick. Thanks to the flu shot, he hasn’t had the flu in a long time, but even a cold can knock him down a bit.

What do you think? Is the man flu real?

The Doctors: Colon Cancer Screening Before Age 50

The Doctors then moved on to explain that the current recommended age to begin screening for colon cancer for someone who’s at average risk, is 50. But a new study found that one in seven people with colon cancer are under the age of fifty. Researchers say it should be a wake up call to the medical community to consider making guidelines on a more individualized basis. Colon cancer is easily treated as long as it’s caught early. There are a lot of at-home tests that claim to help you screen for colon cancer, but they only look for blood in the stool and there are quite a few medical conditions, such as hemorrhoids, that can cause bloody stool.

The Doctors: Are DIY Health Screening Kits A Good Idea?

Dr Ross suggested that DIY kits could only induce more panic, while the internet does enough of that already. Dr Stork added that a study showed a DIY colon cancer screening kit to be highly effective as a screening tool for colon cancer. If there’s someone who’s refusing to take part in any testing at all, the DIY kit is better than nothing at all. Those who support the DIY kit failed to mention the high false-positive rate, but more than anything, those tests can encourage someone to see their doctor.

For Dr Stork, the biggest problem he has with many of the tests is that those who use them have no idea what to do with the results. There are at-home kits for various issues, and The Doctors first looked at a feminine screening kit meant to help women determine if they could have an infection. The kit measures your pH and while a kit may convince the woman she has a yeast infection and encourage her to try to treat it herself, when she could be suffering from a different sort of medical problem all-together.

The Doctors: Should Tobacco Companies Pay For Lung Cancer Screening?

Next, Dr Stork reported that Big Tobacco may soon have to pay for a smoker’s medical bill. Smokers from Massachusetts are alleging in a class action lawsuit that Philip Morris manufactured a defective cigarette, and are saying that the company could have made a safer product with fewer carcinogens. They want Philip Morris to pay for the high-tech 3D chest scans that can detect signs of early stage lung cancer. The test is a lot more expensive than a standard chest x-ray, and because there has been a good amount of research showing that it’s an effective way to diagnose lung cancer earlier, some insurance companies are starting to pay for it, but not all of them.

Do you think tobacco companies should be held accountable and made to pay for those scans?


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