The Doctors: Is Sea Salt Healthier Than Table Salt? Halt The Salt


The Doctors TV Show have been promoting their Halt The Salt program, but today they spoke about a very interesting question: Is Sea Salt Healthier Than Table Salt?  I have read a lot about this topic, and I have to say that I was not terribly impressed by Dr Travis Stork’s explanation or answer to this question.  The Drs TV Show seem to be so focused on their Halt The Salt program, all they want to stress is cutting out salt (which is an undeniably important health goal), rather than educating people on the pro’s of using Sea Salt over Table Salt.

The Doctors: Sea Salt vs Table Salt

The Doctors Halt The Salt Program has been encouraging everyone to reduce their sodium to less than 1500 mg of salt every The Doctors Table Salt vs Sea Saltday.  But is Sea Salt healthier than Table Salt?  Dr Travis Stork said that Sea Salt is not healthier than Table Salt.  He said that the only difference is that sea salt comes from evaporated sea water and is more natural and less processed – I would say that is a pretty big difference!  Dr Stork said that 80% of the sodium found in our diets comes from prepackaged foods, but here are my two cents – I would personally cut out all of the pre-packaged foods, throw out the table salt, and just use Sea Salt when you want to sprinkle a little bit on your food to add flavor (in addition to seasonings and fresh herbs, of course).  This way, you control the amount of salt that you eat and the type of salt that you eat.  If you were keeping your sodium to  less than 1500 mg of sea salt and 0 mg of table salt, I think we would be even healthier – so there is some food for thought!



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