The Doctors: Is It Okay For Pregnant Women To Drink Alcohol?

The Doctors: Alcohol During Pregnancy Recommendation

The Doctors reported that the American Academy of Pediatrics have officially said that no amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy, in any trimester. Dr Jennifer Ashton the AAP was within their “rights” to make recommendations for mothers, because they’re concerned about the babies in utero. The reason they’ve made such a strong statement because “it all comes down to risk-benefit analysis.” Dr Ashton shared that just 20-30 years ago, obstetricians would use alcohol to help a woman in her third trimester stop contracting if she was experiencing pre-term labor.


The Doctors: Is It Okay To Drink Alcohol During Pregnancy?

The Doctors: Is It Okay For Pregnant Women To Drink Alcohol?

The Doctors discussed the new recommendation for pregnant women regarding alcohol. (newlifehotels / Flickr)

Dr Rachael Ross stated that we need to be harder on regulatory organizations because the whole idea that they’re changing their recommendations makes it harder to know the truth. Dr Kristi Funk, a surgical breast specialist, shared that when she was pregnant, she knew there was no way she was going to have even a single sip of alcohol, because there were too many things that could go wrong that were outside of her control, so she wanted to control the one thing she could.

Dr Jennifer Ashton said she told her patients “from the time you look at your positive pregnancy stick to the time of your third trimester, 37 weeks… zero alcohol. It’s not worth the risk.”


Where do you stand?

The Doctors: Disturbing Viral Video

The Doctors then moved on to talk about a video that without a doubt, had me fuming. They shared a viral video of a baby/toddler being fed beer and cigarettes by a group of men. One of the men in the video said “this is what makes you a man.” I won’t even go into the response I had for that statement. “That’s child abuse,” Dr Travis Stork said.


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