The Doctors: IPK Sweat Plugs in Foot Feels Like a Rock in Your Shoe


The Doctors: Skin Crawling vs Goosebumps

A woman complained that her cousin’s hyperactive chatter makes her skin crawl. She asked what is responsible for that sensation.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said smooth muscle fibers are under the hair on your arms. When they contract, you have goosebumps, a natural response caused by your nervous system. That means goosebumps and skin crawling are the same thing.


Sweat Plugs on Foot

Foot pain could be caused by blocked or clogged sweat glands (called Sweat Plugs) that give the sensation of a pebble in your shoe.

The Drs: Intractable Plantar Keratosis

Maybe you’ve experienced this before. You put on your shoes and it feels like you are walking on a small stone or pebble. But when you take off your shoe or even your sock, there’s nothing to be found that can explain that you’re feeling.

A show producer named Joni has been suffering from this type of foot pain. She had Callouses on the balls of her feet, and it’s been getting worse.


Intractable Porokeratosis

That’s why she went to see The Doctors’ favorite podiatrist. There, she was diagnosed with Intractable Porokeratosis, better known as IPK. This is a clogged sweat gland in the bottom of the foot, causing sweat to back up in the glands and resulting in pain due to the pressure we routinely put on our feet.

Sweat Plugs in Foot

Podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh shaved the Callouses down to remove the lesions that were clogging the sweat glands. The culprits were tiny, but they felt like rocks or pebbles, according to Joni.

Dr. Sadrieh said this can happen with any sweat glands, but since you’re constantly putting pressure on your feet, that area is more likely to get plugged. He said the problem can be exacerbated by fashionable shoes or work shoes that are worn for long periods of time.

Dr. Sadrieh explained that a Podiatrist will use a blade to remove the lesions, which could return. Multiple treatments over time will clear them up entirely. Producer Joni said she is no longer in pain.

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