The Doctors: Intervention For Drug Addict With Eating Disorders


The Doctors: Addicted To Cocaine + Eating Disorders

The Doctors were speaking with Christina, a woman who has been battling eating disorders for half her life. Even more shocking than her anorexia and bulimia is that Christina is also battling an addiction to cocaine. Christina explained that she was 17-years-old when she first started using it and from that day on, she used it daily. It took away her appetite and she didn’t feel as out-of-control around food. Claire, her sister, said they used to hang out all the time, but then suddenly she was there with Christina was doing drug deals and even when she was getting high.


Christina started college but didn’t even finish a semester. She was actually charged with cocaine possession but Christina wasn’t alone in her troubles. Claire also developed an eating disorder and then a couple years after that, became addicted to heroin. In the middle of Christina’s eating disorder and Claire’s drug addiction, Caroline’s husband was in the middle of working out when he fell and broke his neck. Claire was awake because she was getting high, and heard a loud bang. Vincent explained that he fell forward, snapped his neck, and immediately knew he was paralyzed.

The Doctors: Intervention For Drug Addict With Eating Disorders

The Doctors staged an intervention for a woman with anorexia, bulimia, and an addiction to cocaine. ([email protected] / Flickr)



Because of Vincent’s accident, Christina came back and tried to hold down a job and make sure her dad was taken care of, but at one point “she just broke.” Vincent said this is the worst he’s ever seen Christina. Claire said it’s actually insane that Christina is still alive.

The Doctors: Drug Addict With Eating Disorders Desperate For Help

Dr Travis Stork said the amount of strain that both her eating disorders and her drug addiction is putting on her body is too much. One of the reasons why Christina was there today was because The Doctors truly believe that you should never give up hope. But Christina is the only one that can make the choice to get better. Christina said she wants it so badly, she just doesn’t know how.

The Doctors then shared a video of Christina’s dad reading a letter he wrote to her, saying that he was afraid he would never be able to walk her down the aisle or be a grandfather to her children. Her sister Claire said she wanted her sister back and wanted a life for her that was full of friends and family. She said the thought of losing her was so horrendous, that she had to do what was necessary if Christina didn’t get better. She said she’ll do anything she can to help her through it, but if nothing changes, she couldn’t be a part of her life anymore.

Erica, Christina’s sister, wrote a letter “from her future child” that said “Dear Mommy, I know what you are going through is really tough right now. I know you feel like there is no purpose in your life. I want you to know that I am here and waiting for you.”

Christina said she was so lucky to have all those loving people in her life, but was she ready to change her life?

The Doctors: Will Christina Enter Rehab?

Dr Travis said the only thing Christina had to do was commit to getting better, because she couldn’t be the one who knew what to do. He said Christina had to look in their eyes and say she was ready to get help once and for all. Christina cried “I’m ready, just tell me what to do.”

The good news is that Christina didn’t have to do it on her own. Dr Kimberly Dennis, the CEO and Medical DIrector at the Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center, said the most important reason she was there today was to offer her, on behalf of her and her staff, 30 days of free treatment at their center. Christina was ready to go right then, jumping up and saying “can I please just go?

But it didn’t end after those 30 days because the Metro Behavorial Health Associates Eating Disorder Treatment Centers was going to help her stay on track for as long as it took, when she was out of her residential treatment. Her childhood psychologist also agreed to see her as long as it took, after her treatment. Christian Young, Christina’s attorney, explained that the prosecutors and the judge were willing to allow her to avoid a criminal record, felony record, and possible jail time, as long as she accepted the help that was being offered and stayed committed to it.

Christina said she’ll probably wake up in the morning and say she doesn’t want to do it anymore, but if she can get past that point, she knows that she can do it. Dr Travis said to always remember all the people that were there, that cared about her. There was a car waiting outside ready to take her to treatment and Christina said she was ready and walked to the car.

Do you think Christina was beat the disorder and addiction that is slowly killing her?


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