The Doctors Interactive Movie: You Decide What Dr Sears Does


The Doctors TV Show had a really fun segment today called The Doctors Interactive Movie, where the audience got to decide what happened next in The Adventure Of Dr Sears!  There were a bunch of different choices and alternative endings, all of which you can watch online too – so that you can pick the ending for Dr Jim Sears without being in the audience of The Drs TV Show!

The Doctors TV Show Interactive Movie

In the first clip, Dr Jim Sears overslept and was running late.  You saw him run to the fridge while brushing his teeth, but he saw nothing to eat for breakfast in his The Doctors Interactive Moviefridge so he ran out of the house.  As he was driving, he said that he was super hungry.  And this is where the first choice had to be made: should you just wait until lunch or grab some fast food for breakfast?  The healthiest choice is what the audience selected, which is to pick-up some fast food for breakfast.  So, Dr Sears ordered a cappucino with 2 sugars, a breakfast burrito and a blueberry muffin.  He said that any breakfast is better than no breakfast because it gets your metabolism going, but it is wiser to look for options like oatmeal, a fruit bowl or a yogurt parfait when at the drive-thru window.


The Drs: Gas Station Restrooms

Next, Dr Jim Sears is driving along and has to go to the bathroom badly – from drinking all of the coffee of course!  So he stops at a gas station and dashes into the gas station bathroom to find a completely disgusting and dirty restroom.  So the audience had another choice to make: does he hold it in or use a dirty restroom?  They picked that he should just use the dirty gas station restroom, which was also the healthiest option.  Dr Sears said that emptying your bladder is important, but if the bathroom is dirty then you get exposed to E.Coli and other bacteria, which is why it is so important to wash your hands afterward and to always keep hand sanitizer in your car in case they do not have soap.

The Drs TV: Healthy Movie Snack: Hot Dogs

At the end of the day, Dr Jim Sears goes to a movie and wants to order a snack.  The audience was asked whether he should pick the popcorn without butter, nachos or the hot dog?  The audience selected the popcorn without the butter, but this was not the healthiest choice.  In a medium tub of popcorn without butter and a soda, you get as much fat as you find in 3 quarter pound burgers and 12 pats of butter – that is more than 2 days worth of the saturated fat that you should get.  While popcorn is a whole grain, it must be prepared properly to be the healthiest choice.  Therefore, the healthiest movie snack is actually a hot dog, which has 300 calories and you can load it up with relish and mustard.


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