The Doctors: Inside The E.R. & Warning Signs of Heart Failure


The Doctors: Inside The E.R. With Dr Stork

On The Doctors September 6, we followed the Doctors in their private practices, such as with Dr Lisaand her patient, Julie. When we followed Dr Travis Stork behind-the-scenes at the E.R., we learned that most people come in with preventable problems. Dr Stork was caring for a man with many chronic illnesses, including diabetes, who came in that morning with a tingling sensation on the right side of his body. He had fallen and fractured his right elbow, but Dr Stork explained that his tingling was caused by heart failure. He also had swelling and pain in his leg.

The Doctors: Inside The E.R.

Dr Stork shared the important warning signs of heart failure on The Doctors.


Dr Stork was hoping to get all of his patient’s problems under control before they progressed.

The Doctors: Heart Failure Warning Signs

Dr Stork explained how heart disease progresses, and how you can avoid heart failure. Dr Stork held up the aorta of a person who did not die of heart failure; the aorta was very smooth and spot-free. However, when he compared to the aorta of a person who had died of heart failure, the difference was clear. The damaged aorta looked like a crater, filled with hard calcium plaque deposits.

Heart Failure Prevention

Heart failure is something that develops over time, and your heart can swell to over three times its size. However, there’s no way to see inside of your body to know what’s happening, so the best method of preventing heart disease is to get healthy.


Get rid of trans fats and processed fats from your diet, eat vegetables and fruits, drink water instead of soda, and go for a walk once a day. These are simple solutions that really add up to better health.

The Doctors: Heart Failure Symptoms

If you are feeling shortness of breath, light-headedness, fatiguee, pain in your arms, or have difficulty laying flat, these are the initial signs of heart failure. See your doctor right away; the key to survival is treating these symptoms before they progress.


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