The Doctors: Inappropriate Doctor Selfies + Breastfeeding Fail


The Doctors: Inappropriate Selfies

The Doctors explained that two medical students recently got in a lot of trouble after posting “sicko selfies” that went viral. Their entire medical careers are in jeopardy. The first was a Venezuelan OB/GYN medical student who actually took a selfie while an unnamed patient was in the delivery room, and posted it to his personal Instagram account with the caption “Lady I can deliver a baby but first, let me take a selfie.”


The man continued by saying that his team can deliver babies and then reconstruct female private parts, saying that “women can look forward to being brand new like a car with 0 kilometers on the clock.” He hasn’t even graduated from medical school yet and already his career is being questioned. Then, a woman in Mexico took a picture with a patient on her death bed. Her caption read “I went to do the rounds and this lady was dying so, selfie!”

The Doctors: Inappropriate Doctor Selfies + Breastfeeding Fail

The Doctors reenacted some pretty inappropriate selfies that that could cost them their careers. (tomicpasko / Flickr)


The Doctors: Medical Student Selfies

Dr Travis Stork explained that both of the students made statements apologizing and claiming that both patients gave their consent. Dr Jennifer Ashton said being a doctor is a privilege. Dr Travis then explained that the pictures they showed were actually reenactments because they didn’t want to compromise anyone by sharing the real photos.

What would you do if you found out that a doctor you trusted was taking selfies like that? Do you think it’s okay to do what they did?

The Doctors: Breastfeeding Fail

The Doctors then shared a picture of a newborn who appeared to have a bit of a 5 o’clock shadow after breastfeeding. Dr Ashton explained that the mother had self tanner on and it rubbed off. Dr Ashton said “mama needs to lay off the tanner!” Ideally, you don’t want a baby ingesting self tanner so applying it within a short period of time before breastfeeding probably isn’t a good idea.

The Doctors: Child Restrained At Dentist

The Doctors reported a story of a 5-year-old who’s parents are outraged after a recent trip to the dentist. The 5-year-old was restrained, and the parents weren’t allowed to enter the exam room. During the tooth pulling procedure, the girl was screaming, so her father entered the rom and saw her lying there strapped down. Dr Ashton explained that the device is called a papoose and it’s used to restrain children, but there are times when it’s okay to use it and others when it’s not.

When a papoose is used in the emergency room, it’s used with parental consent and the parents are in the room. It’s an alternative to anesthesia because anesthesia can be dangerous for children. In this case, this is at the dentist, not the emergency room. Dr Rachael Ross said there’s no way she would allow it to happen to her child. They said a parent in the room is usually enough to calm a child enough to allow the doctor to do what they need to do.

The Doctors: Suing Over Uncomfortable Airplane Ride?

The Doctors then reported that an Abu Dhabi airline is being sued by an Australian man, who is claiming that being seated in economy next to an overweight passenger, left him with major back injuries. He’s suing them for $227,000, claiming he was subjected to “seat invasion” in October 2010. He claims he had to contort his body to avoid contact with the passenger next to him during the 14 hour flight. Rather than throwing the case out, the judge told the man to go ahead and get a medical assessment and then they’ll take it from there.

Dr Ross said Samoa Airlines was the first airline to actually weigh people before, and then determine the price of their ticket based on their weight. They feel that you should charge people in terms of size. Dr Ross said those overweight people are just as, if not more, uncomfortable than you are, so it’s a bad situation for eveyone. Dr Travis said the fact that it happened five years ago, makes him believe this case is bogus.

Do you think the man had a right to sue?


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