The Doctors: Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery


The Doctors: Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Ramona wanted to know why she needs her Wisdom Teeth removed. She visited dentist Sanda Moldovan for a consultation about her oral health, and learned that she has a cavity, as well as a partially impacted Wisdom Tooth.

In the Wisdom Tooth Removal procedure, Sanda discovered that Ramona’s gums around the tooth were inflamed. The painful reality of this surgery is that they break up your Wisdom Tooth into chunks and sometimes have to dig around in your gums to get it all loose.


The Drs: Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal is a common procedure with minimal pain that can take as little as 10-15 minutes.

The Drs TV: Impacted Wisdom Tooth

But Sanda said they hoped Ramona’s process would be minimally invasive. Next, they put stitches in the gum to close up the incision and stop the bleeding. The stitches would dissolve on their own.

The Impacted Wisdom Tooth surgery only took 10-15 minutes, but when I had mine done, I was laid up on painkillers for a couple days afterward. I don’t think my experience was minimally invasive, so it’s nice that techniques have evolved since then.


Have you had your own Wisdom Teeth extracted? What was it like? How was your recovery time?

Wisdom Tooth Surgery Results

Ramona was in the audience just two days after her procedure. She said she is feeling great.

Her dentist, Sanda Moldovan, said that some people will never have a problem with their Wisdom Teeth, which tend to erupt around age 17. Impacted teeth never erupt from the gum line. Partially impacted teeth can create a higher risk of disease.

Sanda said that monitoring Wisdom Teeth is an important part of regular dental checkups in adults. She again said it is a short, minimally painful procedure, and Ramona was back at work the following day.

She also showed off Ramona’s gigantic tooth, and The Doctors agreed you should see a dentist regularly for good oral health.

The Doctors: Know Your Body

Understanding what your body parts do gives you more information and control over your own health, according to Dr. Travis Stork. “Be an informed patient. Educate yourself,” he said. “Discover the secrets that your body holds.”

Knowledge is an important key to good health and preventative medicine.


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