The Doctors: Human Toolbox Brad Byers & Guinness World Record Holders


The Doctors: Guinness Book of World Records Holders

Sultan Kosen of Turkey is the 2013 Guinness Book of World Record’s tallest person, coming in at 8’3.”

His tall tale is due to a tumor on his pituitary gland, and he was growing continuously. Kosen had cutting-edge gamma knife surgery in 2010, and doctors are optimistic that they have halted his growth for good.


A teenager in India, Jyoti Amge, is the world’s shortest woman, coming in at barely 24 inches. After letting her nails grow for 18 years, Chris ‘The Duchess’ Walton’s nails are 20 feet long. I bet her manicures aren’t cheap.

Human Toolbox: Sword Swallower Brad Byers on The Doctors

The Doctors: Human Toolbox Brad Byers

Much like this man, Guinness Book of World Records holder Brad Byers can swallow 10 swords at a time. (Antonio Petrone /

Brad Byers has learned to overcome his gag reflex so that he can swallow up to ten flat swords at a time. Byers, known as the “Human Toolbox” demonstrated some of his abilities on The Doctors.


Byers stuck some sort of metal hook in his nose and it came out his mouth. He then attached what looked like a ship’s anchor on it and swung it from his face. I think the phrase “don’t try this at home” applies here.

Next he took a drill and stuck the moving drill bit all the way into his nose. Not to be outdone, he then swallowed a sword.

The Doctors: X-Ray Images of Byers Performing

Dr. Travis Stork had some x-ray images of what it looks like when Byers does his tricks. Dr. Andrew Ordon said that most people would be at heavy risk for bleeding by sticking a hook through their nasal passage. The Doctors said that Byers’ gag reflex must be nonexistent.

Byers said the anchor that he uses is almost 10 pounds. Dr. Stork said that swinging back and forth from his nose puts about 24 pounds of pressure on his face, and the fact that he isn’t breaking any bones when he does that is shocking.

The doctors then examined an image of Byers’ trick of hammering a five inch nail into his nasal passage. Byers said that if he hammers the nail a little too far, he hears cracks in his bones. Dr. Ordon said he was in danger of hitting his pituitary gland.

The Doctors: Live Scope on Human Toolbox Brad Byers

Dr. Ordon was baffled by Byers’ ability to overcome his gag reflex, and decided to do a scope on him. Dr. Stork thought it was funny that usually they have to sedate people to be able to do a scope, but with Byers it was no big deal.

Byers even put his own scope through. Dr. Ordon said that he didn’t see any tears in Byers’ esophagus or nasal passages, and gave him a clean bill of health. Dr. Stork said that he needs to recognize the risks of what he’s doing.


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