The Doctors: How To Throw The Perfect Fiesta with Healthy Margaritas


The Doctors: How To Throw The Perfect Fiesta

Do you ever need any excuse to party? The Doctors don’t think so, and since this episode originally aired in May, they shared a Cinco De Mayo guide to throwing the perfect fiesta. Get their advice for healthy margaritas and keeping guacamole from turning brown.

The Drs: Cinco De Mayo & Fiesta Tips

Healthy Margaritas: The Doctors

The Doctors showed off their ideas for the perfect fiesta, including Healthy Margaritas with fresh lime juice and Agave Nectar.


A Mariachi cover of The Doctors theme song kicked off the team’s Cinco De Mayo countdown. (Hey, if we can have Christmas in July, why not Cinco De Mayo in August?) Dr Lisa Masterson and Dr Andrew Ordon hung out with party planner Brian Worley to get advice for the perfect fiesta.

The Doctors: Drink Responsibly

Alcohol is often a key ingredient in fiestas. But Brian Worley said you shouldn’t overdo it on alcohol, which does impair your judgment. Of course, they also advised against drinking and driving.

The Drs: Keep Guacamole From Turning Brown

Fresh Guacamole tastes great, but you don’t want it turning brown and turning off your guests. You can keep it green by squeezing fresh lemon on top of it. Lemon seeds on top can also keep it fresh.


The Doctors: Pinatas, Chocolate & Pets

Pinatas can be fun for all ages (but also dangerous if you’re drunk). If you’re stuffing your pinata with chocolate, be sure to clean up any stray candy and chocolate, which is dangerous to pets, especially dogs.

Dr Andrew Ordon modeled some weird fiesta boots, and I’m not sure whether they are a party do or don’t.

The Drs: Corn Tortillas Vs Flour Tortillas

Do you have a favorite type of tortilla? “Corn tortillas actually have less fat. They’re actually gluten free and wheat free, so if you have allergies, they’re better than the flour tortilla,” Brain said.

The Doctors: Hot Peppers

Hot peppers are another fiesta favorite. But they can cause heartburn and indigestion, as well as the spicy flavor. Brian suggested everything in moderation.

The Drs: Healthy Margaritas with Agave Nectar

You can cut down on sugar in Margaritas using fresh lime juice and Agave Nectar as a sweetener. That means you get to skip the processed mixes, which can be full of preservatives.

Also, Brian suggested drinking one glass of water for every alcoholic drink.

The Doctors: Party Sunscreen

The team’s final party tip isn’t something you might associate with party time. But Sunscreen is critical on big drinking days and at barbecues or picnics. That can be high time for sunburns, which can become serious health problems. Just remember to reapply about every four hours to keep yourself protected.


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