The Doctors: How To Stop A Charlie Horse & How To Spot A Liar


The Doctors: How To Show

The Doctors tackled a variety of viewer questions from people on the street in a fast-paced Q&A segment. Here are the topics they tackled.

The Doctors: Pregnant Spotting vs Period

A woman is trying to get pregnant, and she asked how to tell if she is spotting or getting her period. Dr. Lisa Masterson said you may not know the difference, so you should take a pregnancy test or consult your doctor. Heavy bleeding could indicate miscarriage, infection, or Ectopic Pregnancy.


The Drs: Spotting A Liar

Since our noses don't actually grow when we lie, here are some ways you can spot a liar.

The Doctors: Charlie Horse

A woman said she often wakes up with a Charlie Horse or gets one while exercising at the gym. She asked how to stop them.

Dr. Travis Stork said these muscle cramps and spasms can be painful. He said causes can include dehydration and overexertion. First, stretch that muscle. Have a friend or spouse stretch the muscle, to prevent painful cramps.


You can reduce your risk by staying hydrated and getting electrolytes and potassium. If you have chronic Charlie Horses, you may need a doctor’s evaluation to make sure nothing more serious is going on.

How To Deal With An Overbearing Boss

A woman asked how to deal with an overbearing boss, who is constantly bothering her. She wants to get him off her back without being insubordinate.

Psychologist Dr. Wendy Walsh said you can’t deal with a boss the same way you can a spouse or friend, who cares about your emotional well-being. She said you can ask for tips on improving your work. Beyond that, you can build a support group with other employees.

If treatment has to do with age, sex, race, or other protected characteristics, document it over time and discuss it with your human resources personnel.

The Doctors: Is My Baby Spitting Up Too Much?

A couple wanted to know when they should be concerned about their baby spitting up. Dr. Jim Sears said all babies do this, but if your baby spits up excessive amounts, such as their entire feeding at each meal, that is too much spit up.

If your baby is fussy or they are projectile vomiting or losing weight, that’s a danger sign. Yellow or green vomit indicates bile, and blood in the spit up is always a red flag.

The Drs: How To Spot A Liar

A woman asked how to tell if her friends are lying to her. Dr. Wendy said you can lie by leaving out information or sharing too much. If someone is rambling, they could be deflecting additional questions. If they’re not saying much, they could be withholding the truth.

Avoiding eye contact could suggest guilt. If someone repeats your question in the answer, that can be a signal that they are trying to buy time or stall while they think of a lie.

Dr. Wendy said the best liars are sociopaths, who don’t have guilt and won’t feel bad about their lies.

The Doctors: How To Breathe Better

A man asked how he can improve his breathing without resorting to medication. Dr. Andrew Ordon said breathing medicine does have side effects, and you want to avoid making yourself dependent on them.

He recommended trying Breathing Strips, which can open up the narrow part of your airway, known as the Nasal Valve. Steam showers can also break up mucus and clearing the airway. Chicken Soup and Hot Tea are also good approaches.

The Doctors: Asthma Treatments

Saline Spray is another good remedy that is available over the counter. You can also use a Neti Pot to keep your nasal passages clear. Read more about Using A Neti Pot.

Dr. Jim said parents often ask about options for their children. Decreasing inflammation for Asthma Sufferers can help them breathe better. You can do this by eating fish or fish oil, as well as fruits and vegetables. Apples can also have good benefits.

Dr. Travis suggested getting a HEPA filter to improve your air quality.


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