The Doctors: How To Prevent The Top Five Bathroom Hazards


The Doctors: Bathroom Dangers

Have you ever thought about how much of our lives we spend in a bathroom? We spend about ⅓ of our lives sleeping, and I’m not a math whiz, so I’ll leave you to guess how much of the remaining ⅔ of our lives we spend in a restroom.

ERs see a quarter of a million patients every year due to bathroom mishaps, many of them shower or tub slips and falls. Other common emergencies are overheating and overexertion on the toilet.


The Drs: Bathroom Dangers

The Doctors shared tips to prevent five common bathroom dangers.

Dr. Travis Stork said there are many ways to injure yourself in the bathroom. Here are the top five bathroom mishaps, and how to prevent them.

Bathroom Danger: Slipping & Falling

One in three seniors suffer from bathroom falls, which can result in fractured bones. One American dies each day from slipping and falling in the shower.


To prevent these falls, use non-skid mats and wax your floors with non-skid wax. Installing a grab bar near the toilet and in the tub. Secure your shower curtain rod as well.

Bathroom Danger: Shattered Glass

Not everyone has a shower curtain. Dr. Lisa Masterson said it doesn’t take much to shatter glass shower doors, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported about 2,000 shattered shower door, causing countless injuries.

Mirrors and other glass items can break as well, leading to hazards. Now, federal and state laws require shower doors to be manufactured using safety glass. Don’t put too much pressure on the handles of your shower door, because glass shower doors tend to shatter without warning.

Look for cushions on your mirrored vanities and wall cabinets. These pads or stoppers will prevent the door from slamming, which can cause the mirror to shatter.

How to Prevent Burns in the Bathroom

With all the hot water and steam, there are many burn hazards in your bathroom. Dr. Jim Sears reported that 112,000 people go to the hospital for scalding burns each year. About 7,000 of these cases will result in hospitalization.

To prevent burns in the bathroom, set your hot water heater at 120 degrees. This water temperature won’t scald you as quickly, compared to higher temperatures. If you do get a burn, flush it with cold water for 30 minutes, but don’t use ice, because that could damage tissues and reduce blood flow.

How To Prevent Bathroom Glare

White bathrooms are popular, but all those white fixtures can create too much glare. It can also camouflage water on the floor and other spills. You can prevent this by switching to frosted glass light bulbs and breaking up the white by using other colors to accessorize and accent your white bathroom.

Passing Out From Pooping

Just taking a really hot shower can cause you to pass out. But straining on the toilet is one of the most common causes. This affects your blood flow and lowers your heart rate. Straining on the toilet is bad for you, and serious constipation can be a sign of serious health problems.

Dr. Jim Sears recommends a book called Toilet Yoga, which illustrates 15 different poses. He used Dr. Andrew Ordon as his model in demonstrating some of these poses.

The Doctors: Toilet Yoga Book Review

One pose from the book is called Good Morning Sunshine. While seated on the toilet, lift your hands above your head and stretch.

A second pose is called Lord Of The Throne. To do this pose, stretch your arms out in front of you, then move them side to side.

There are multiple skill levels for Toilet Yoga. A more advanced pose is the Sprouted Flower. In this pose, you pull up on your ankles while seated on the toilet. The book said this pose has a difficulty level of “five toilet bowls.”

You can click here to purchase a copy of the Toilet Yoga book. 10% of the book’s profits helps third world families get working toilets and running water. Dr. Jim Sears said that 40% of the world’s population don’t have access to clean sanitation.


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