The Doctors: How To Disinfect a Wound & Do Wounds Need To Breathe?


The Doctors: First Aid Myths

Hidden germs could be causing problems when you least expect them. The Doctors talked about how to deal with cuts and other abrasions that could be giving you bacteria along with your bumps and bruises. Playgrounds and parks are great places for recreation, but every now and then we come home with a few scrapes. Is it OK to blow on a wound? Do wounds need to breathe? And when do you need to call a doctor? Find out how to disinfect a wound.

The Drs: Is It OK To Blow on a Wound?

How To Disinfect a Wound: The Doctors

The Doctors explained how to disinfect a wound properly. Is it OK to blow on a wound?


Did you ever blow on a cut or scrape? Maybe your parent did it to make you feel better. But the reality is this is actually a great way to spread bacteria in an open wound. Instead, irrigation is key. You could use saline or even tap water. There are different approaches to different types of wounds.

How To Disinfect a Wound

If you scrape your knee, for example, “you have to wash it out,” Dr Travis Stork said. High pressure tap water or saline products will help remove grime and germs. Getting gravel out of wounds from bike accidents, for example, will prevent infection and complications.

Use an alcohol swab to disinfect tweezers and remove larger chunks of debris, such as pebbles. “Make sure you get these out, because the wound will not heal as long as these are in there,” Dr Travis said.


The Doctors: When To Go To Urgent Care

When is it time to get medical attention? A gaping wound that won’t seal itself might need stitches. Puncture wounds might need to be looked at, depending on your general medical health. A tetanus shot may be required.

Dr Travis discussed his slow healing process after a recent mountain biking accident. If the pain is too intense, emergency personnel can help manage your pain as they clean out the wound.

Do Wounds Need To Breathe?

After you clean out your wound, apply antibiotic ointment and seal the wound to protect it from further irritation. Another myth is that wounds need to breathe. But in most cases, covering a wound with a sterile dressing can actually accelerate the healing, according to the doctors.

“Studies have shown that healing takes place quicker in a moist environment,” Dr Andrew Ordon said.

The Drs: Skin Infection Symptoms

How do you know if your wound is getting worse? These symptoms mean you probably have a skin infection and need antibiotics:

  • Spreading redness
  • Warmth to the touch
  • Oozing pus
  • Fevers


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