The Doctors: How To Curb Cravings, Earworms & Effects Of Working Out


The Doctors: How Long Do Cravings Last?

Are you still fighting to keep that New Years resolution, even with summer fast approaching? The Doctors shared ways to curb cravings and revealed just how long cravings usually last. So put down that cupcake! You don’t have to eat it, even if your brain makes it seem that way.

Surprisingly, a craving usually goes away in about three minutes. This is because, as Dr. Jim Sears pointed out, it’s not real hunger. It’s your brain remembering how delicious a particular food was the last time you ate it and requesting more. Whenever we eat donuts, candy, cake or something else that’s especially delicious, the “pleasure center” of our brain becomes flooded with dopamine. A craving is really your brain telling you, “I want more!”


The Doctors: How To Curb Cravings, Earworms & Effects Of Working Out

Craving something sweet? The Doctors shared advice on how to curb cravings.

The Drs: How To Curb Cravings

In order to curb cravings, try replacing the craving with a good habit, like a walk, or something else you enjoy doing. Also try making a healthier version of the food you’re craving; it’s not as delicious, but it just might make that overwhelming craving disappear. Good luck!

The Doctors: How Long Do Effects Of Working Out Last?

If you’ve conquered your cravings, the next step is getting in a healthy workout. Like many of us, though, Doctors viewer Kevin has become so busy, working out has been placed on the back burner. He wondered how long the effects of working out actually last.


Unfortunately, Dr. Travis Stork revealed that when it comes to working out, “when you don’t use it, you do lose it.” Working out can create great benefits that last a long time, but they will eventually begin to fade. Someone who is very fit can keep muscle mass for about 12 weeks, but for the rest of us, it’s only a couple of weeks until it rapidly declines.

The most important thing is to listen to your body when it comes to working out. If, like Dr. Travis, you’ve suffered from an injury that’s limited your time at the gym, rely on lower impact workouts to keep healthy and fit.

The Drs: Earworms

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? Well, there’s actually a medical term for that! The phenomenon is known as earworms, which aren’t a real parasite, but do enter the brain and create “gaps” in the neural pathways that beg to be filled. For The Doctors, the only cure was singing “I Will Survive” over and over again.


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