The Doctors: How To Clean Your Yoga Mat & Baby Bath Temperature


The Doctors: Baby Baths & Yoga Hygiene

The Doctors talked about germs to be worried about, from rental cars to skinned knees. They also explained why dermatologists are concerned about a popular workout and how often to clean your yoga mat.

The Drs: How To Bathe a Newborn

A couple asked pediatrician Dr Jim Sears for advice on safely bathing their newborn, and avoiding harmful products. He actually made a house call to answer these new parents’ questions.


Babies can be slippery, but there are ways to keep bath time safe and fun. Here’s everything Dr Sears packed for baby’s first bath.

  • Two washcloths (one for face, one for body)
  • Mild baby shampoo/soap
  • Hooded towel
  • Diapers
  • Clean clothes

The Doctors: Baby Bath Temperature

Clean Your Yoga Mat: The Doctors

The Doctors discussed how and when to clean your yoga mat to prevent bacteria.

Don’t make the bath too hot. It’s a mistake many parents make, but the recommended temperature is 90-100 degrees. Test it first before putting your baby in.


Dr Sears helped with the first bath, suggesting to make sure you clean all the baby’s crevices. The baby in question was not thrilled about his first bath, but maybe he’ll get used to it in the future.

The Drs: Baby Bath Tips

Back in the studio, Dr Sears suggested relaxing the baby with a gentle massage after the bath to help him or her relax. Another option is taking a bath with your baby to help keep them calm. Dr Lisa Masterson said that could be a nice bonding experience.

Sitting in soapy bathwater isn’t recommended for kids or adults, because soap can irritate sensitive parts. Dr Sears said have play time first, and then soap up at the end of the bath, before getting out.

The Drs: How To Clean Your Yoga Mat

Many people love yoga, but did you know it could be hazardous to your health? It’s actually the yoga mats that are to blame for increased fungal infections. They’re trapping germs and rarely get cleaned, growing bacteria leading to skin problems that are on the rise, according to dermatologists.

Dr Travis Stork suggested using vinegar, water, and a small amount of natural dish detergent to wipe down your yoga mat. Other options include Tea Tree Oil or alcohol based cleaners. He suggested that frequent yogis clean their mats weekly. Maybe you can let it hang in the shower to dry.

The Doctors: Germs & Bacteria

Bacteria and germs are all around us, and many of them can be good for your health. But the information from today’s show should open your eyes to things like DVDs and rental cars. “Don’t become overwhelmed with germs. Just be aware of them,” Dr Travis said.


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