The Doctors: How To Avoid Germs In A Public Restroom


The Drs TV: Public Restrooms & Germs

Nobody really likes to use the restroom in a public place. They’re germ factories, and they can also be an opportunity to see the worst hygiene habits of our fellow humans on display. But you can get in and out of the restroom germ-free, and Dr. Jim Sears shared tips on how to do that.

Disinfectant Spray

Hardcore germophobes can carry pocket size disinfectant spray to cleanse the toilet before using it.


The Drs: Germs & Public Bathrooms

Learn ways to avoid contact with disease-causing germs when you use a public bathroom.

Don’t Put Anything On The Floor

Use the hook in your stall to hang your bag or jacket. The floor is certainly gross.

Squat, Don’t Sit

To lower your risk of coming in contact with E. Coli and other germs, you could squat over the toilet bowl instead of sitting. This is germ-free and gets you a mini workout.


Don’t Touch The Seat

If you’re can’t squat, use a seat cover. In a pinch, you can create your own seat cover using toilet paper. If you’ll be standing, you can use your shoe to lift the seat, to avoid touching it. You can also use your shoe to flush, unless it’s open toed. Maybe in that case you can use a little toilet paper to flush?

Rip And Toss

Dr. Jim recommended ripping off the first foot or two of toilet paper and tossing it right in the toilet, because of something he called Fecal Spray. Tossing paper also creates what Dr. Travis Stork called The Lifeboat, which prevents splashing.

Paper Towel

Wash your hands and dry them with a paper towel. Then you can use that same paper towel to open the door as you exit.

The Doctors: Fecal Spray & Bathroom Germs

These tips should help to keep you germ-free the next time you feel the call of nature while you’re out shopping or at a restaurant. But after hearing the words Fecal Spray, I think I’ll try to stick to using the bathroom at home whenever possible.

If you have any more public restroom tips to share, you can leave them in the comments section below.


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