The Doctors: How Police Handle Texting While Driving


UCLA Medical Center Treats Distracted Driving Accidents

Continuing the Health Scare Experiment from the last segment, Justin is taken to the real emergency room at UCLA medical center. He is rolled in on a gurney. The Doctors go to work on him, inspecting his injuries as if the accident were real. There’s a potential for severe injuries.

Justin’s wife, Melody, arrives at the UCLA medical center and is told that he’s awake and his brain is okay. He has survived the crash, but he won’t ever be the same. He has serious lifelong spinal injuries which means he likely won’t be able to walk again. Melody’s face looks incredibly pained. She is clearly experiencing this trauma as if it were truly occurring.


California Highway Patrol Ticket Drivers For Texting

distracted driving kills

The Doctors spoke about teens having accidents from texting while driving, like these teens about to have an accident from distracted driving.

Back at the show The Doctors have invited two members of the California Highway Patrol and two Emergency Medical Technicians (E.M.T.s), along with Melody and Justin, to the show to talk about responses to accidents. One of the E.M.T.s noted that often they show up to an accident and the cell phone is still in a person’s hand. Just so you recognize just how dangerous a cell phone is to driving Dr. Travis Stork reminds us that texting while driving makes a crash 23 times as likely. Along with reckless driving, distracted driving is the number one killer of teens.

It’s easy to think at the California Highway Patrol as the enemy when you’re driving along trying to avoid any annoying and seemingly pointless tickets, but distracted driving is incredibly dangerous. In 2011, the California Highway Patrol issues 168,000 tickets for distracted driving. You immediate reaction may be one of disgust, but doing so probably save hundreds, if not thousands of lives. Over 35,000 people already die in motor vehicle accidents every year. Justin’s fake accident would have resulted in the death of another driver and so, in addition to his horrific injuries, he would have likely been convicted of vehicular manslaughter.



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